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thread stitching
traditional thread binding
线装 - smyth sewed,traditional thread binding,sewn
线装本 - The wire-bound
锁线装 - section sewn
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  • 线装书大概用笔加圈,洋装书竟用红铅笔划粗粗的线。
    If it is a thread-bound Chinese book, I use a writing brush to draw small circles as markings. Otherwise, I use a red pencil to draw heavy underlines.
  • 具体分析了新时代线装书打孔以及走线方式的转变和创新,并对其进行归类研究。
    I analyzed the changes and innovations on the route of thread and role of bindings, and made it classified.
  • 诗集的装订方法比较独特,它可能是早期的线装本。
    The bookbinding method of the collection of poems is more special, it may be the line of the earlier period to pack this.
  • 而且是用线装的,很像古书。
    Plus, it's stringed, like traditional books.
  • 《千山诗集》初考&兼谈《东北地区古籍线装书联合目录》的3条款目
    Primary Textual Researching "Qianshan Mountain Poetry Anthology"& And Discussion of Three Entries of "Northeast Area Ancient Book Thread-Bound book Union Table of Contents"
  • 水平预裂线装药量计算公式研究
    Inquiry into charge formula for horizontal pre-split blasting
  • 这本历史书是线装的。
    This historical book is thread-bound.
  • 较之古代的手工抄写和木刻线装,规模化的机器复制方式在文化传播方面具有明显的优势。
    Compared with manual writing and wood-cutting technology, the copying process completed by machines has presented great advantages in the spreading of culture and media.
  • 蒸发器的蒸汽线装有雾沫分离器。水雾/蒸汽相变冲击冷却的数值模拟
    The evaporator vapor lines are fitted with an entrainment separator. Numerically simulating mist/ steam impingement cooling with phase change
  • 线装书上的议论和事实还记得一二,晚饭后翻看的历史教科书,影踪都没有了。
    He still remembered a few of the points and views put forth in the string-bound texts, but as for the history textbooks he had skimmed through after dinner, there wasn't even a trace left.
  • 这样的一本线装书就是在几位姑娘的巧手之下装订好的。
    A thread-sewn book has thus been bound by these adroit girls.
  • 卷烟生产线装箱台的改造
    Reformation of boxing-table on cigarette producing-line
  • 惨亮的灯光下,她枯黄憔悴如同一册古老的线装书。
    The minute the door opened, I felt too stunned to open my mouth, staring at her scorched and toilworn face under the glaring lamp, as if an ancient thread-bound book.
  • 希望通过对现代线装书籍的创新方法进行研究,从中汲取经验,从而在今后书籍设计过程中提供一些理论依据和实践经验。
    From studying, I hope I can take innovative ways about the thread-bound books, and learn something useful to provide some theoretical basis and practical experience in the process of book design in the future.
  • 中国古代书籍的装帧形式主要有简策、卷轴装、经折装、梵夹装、蝴蝶装、包背装、线装等。
    Binding styles of Chinese ancient books mainly include bamboo or wooden slips, scroll, concertina binding, chinese path binding, butterfly binding, back-wrapped binding, thread binding and others.
  • 软皮线装:装订方法之一;它把锁线订后的各帖,装入纸书皮内。
    Sewn soft cover: A method of binding in which section sewn signatures are fastened to a paper cover.
  • 预裂爆破线装药量计算式的理论研究略论政府预算管理中的委托-代理关系及其治理
    Theoretical Study of Equation of Calculating Powder Charge Quantity for Pre-split Blasting Line On the Relationship of the Principal-agent in the Government Budget Management and the Countermeasures
  • 等四叔出去了,祖父的疲倦的暗黄脸上露出一点笑容,他递了一本线装书给我,一面说:‘你可以拿去仔细读几遍。’
    After uncle Ke-an left, with a slight smile on his dark, tired face, Yeh-yeh handed me a book and said," you should read this carefully. "
  • 本文介绍了予裂爆破技术在露天矿边坡工程上以及水下工程中的应用情况和经验,分析了予裂爆破的主要参数,提出了钻孔间距、线装药密度这两项参数的计算公式。
    In this paper the results and experience of the presplitting technique for the slope of the open pit and the underwater engineering are introduced. The main parameters of presplitting are analysed, and the calculation formulas of hole spacing and linear charge concentration are presented.
  • 线装平订:集贴后,用线穿过页边,钉牢书页的方法。中文的古典书籍,多用线装。
    Side sewing: Binding by sewing through the sides of the gathered sections. A method commonly used to bind classical Chinese books.
  • 第四部分,综述线装书籍在现代装帧设计运用中的意义,总结出线装书籍设计发展的不足,以在新时代下,探索发展新生线装书的道路。
    The fourth part, summarize the significance of thread-bound books utilized in modern books binding design. Summarize the insufficient of the development of thread-bound books design, explore the development of newly born thread-bound books.
  • 在技术进步的冲击下,传统线装的形式已经不能满足时代的需求。
    As the impact of advances in technology, the traditional thread-bound form can not meet the needs of the period.
  • 进一步的分析研究发现,软弱基岩的损伤范围随着炮孔线装药密度增大而增大,但当炮孔线装药密度较小,炮孔不发生扩腔时,基岩的爆破损伤裂缝长度的增大速率较大。
    Further analysis study found, surrounding rock damage range along with the linear charge density increases, When Linear charge density smaller, blast hole is not occur cavity expansion, increase rate of surrounding rock damage range is more.