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The scaffolding
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  • 现有的棚架用材不统一,保温效果不理想,不能满足市场对大棚发展的需要。
    The existing greenhouse can not use the uniform materials, the insulation effect is not ideal, and the requirement for the market developing the greenhouse can not be satisfied.
  • 一种农作物栽培棚棚架的构件,用水泥、沙、钢筋、钢纤维制作。
    The utility model relates to a frame structure of crops culture shack which is made of the cements, sands, reinforcing bars, and steel fibers.
  • 警方表示棚架搭建在酒店天井,三天前搭成,覆盖著酒店的四面外墙,由二楼到十八楼,用作翻新酒店。
    Police said the scaffolding on the four walls of the internal courtyard of the hotel stretched from the second to the18th floor and had been put in place three days ago for renovations.
  • 每当你需要移动其他网站上的脚手架,不需要拆卸系统,而是可以很方便地移动。虽然固定棚架留下一个位置是用于建造工程将需要一段时间才能完成最好的。
    Bear in mind that you must first know and understand your needs, your workers and your construction project before you make any decision such as choosing the type of scaffolding that you will use.
  • 气动x型悬挂式点焊机悬挂着贵重的油画的墙壁;一个挂满藤蔓的棚架
    Pneumatic X model suspending shot welder walls hung with valuable paintings; a vine-hung trellis.
  • 高层建筑屋顶钢棚架加工技术
    Manufacture technology for steel shed frame on the roof of high-rise building
  • 业余选手可能会导致事故和可能无法建立正确的棚架倒塌允许它在胡搅蛮缠的场合。
    Amateurs could cause accidents and may not build the scaffolding correctly allowing it to collapse at importune occasions.
  • 针对软弱地层管棚法施工过程,从棚架体系视角,建立了可用来分析管棚作用的空间分析模型。
    Based on the concept of piperoof-support system, a3D analysis model was developed for the insight to the function of piperoof applied in underground engineering of soft ground.
  • 环绕了葡萄藤的棚架
    A trellis that was embraced by vines.
  • 绿化已广泛应用于屋面、棚架、凉廊、立柱、篱垣及岩壁,而对于建筑物的墙面绿化还不常见。
    Greening is already adopted to the roof, shed frame, loggia, column, fence wall and rocky wall, whereas the building metope greening was not still common.
  • 第四章,中小企业金融支持政策棚架的原因分析。
    Chapter four, small and medium-sized enterprises finance support policy reason of "shed" analysis.
  • 基于Pro/MECHANICA的棚架结构分析与优化设计
    Bracket Structural Design and Optimization Analysis on Pro/ Mechanica
  • 意外发生当日,两名工人靠踏著棚架金属架构的水平支架攀上工作平台。
    On the day of accident, two workers climbed to the working platform by stepping on the horizontal members of metal framework of the scaffold.
  • 结果表明,棚架栽培透光条件较好时,铺设反光膜对‘翠玉’果实单果重、硬度、TSS和可溶性糖含量无显著影响,只是显著提高了果实外观品质。
    The results showed that the fruit weight, hardness, TSS, soluble sugars were little affected by RF in open field and shed frame cultivation with good light condition, but the appearance quality was greatly improved by RF.
  • 你最需要的是棚架一次搬迁时,实际上是人民赋予它完成的事情。
    The last thing you need is for the scaffolding to relocate at a time when there are actually people upon it accomplishing things.
  • 由本塑钢型材构成的双膜棚架具有结构简单和铺膜方便的突出优点。
    The double-film scaffold formed by the glass reinforced plastic proximate matter has outstanding advantages of simple structure and convenient film spreading.
  • 【方法】以温室的棚架、单篱架、双篱架葡萄为试材,分别采用光学显微和电子显微镜技术观测不同架式和冠位叶片的显微结构和叶绿体的超微结构。
    [ Method] Using grapes cultivated with pergola, single and double vertical trellis systems in greenhouse, and leaf microstructure and chloroplast ultrastructure in various trellis system and position were examined by light microscopy and electron microscopy.
  • 牲口棚舍(如牛栏或马厩).双层棚架式栽培的日本梨品种光合特性初探
    Preliminary Study on Photosynthetic Characteristics of Japanese Pears in Double-layer Trellis Training and Pruning
  • 长在格子棚架上的蔷薇花
    Roses growing on a trellis
  • 棚架、工作平台及梯子等。
    Scaffolds, working platforms and ladders, etc.
  • 编织或交织(如,树枝或藤条),尤指在搭建篱笆或棚架中。
    To plait or interlace ( branches or vines, for example), especially in making a hedge or an arbor.
  • 丝瓜新型棚架高效省本栽培葡萄架下栽培平菇试验研究
    Experiment and Research of the Culture of Pleurotus ostreatus under the Grape Trellis
  • 这可以帮助您确定他们是否能帮助出租公司作为一个棚架或不是你。
    This helps you determine whether they will be able to help you as a scaffolding hiring company or not.
  • 他们就会明白一起安装或设立棚架结构的最佳实践的所有法规和规章。
    They'll understand all the regulations and rules along with the best practice for installing or setting up scaffolding structures.
  • 棚架》由于很多房屋年久失修,居民在院子里搭建棚架,放置物品,反而防水,万一房塌了也不至于找不到!
    Scaffold As a result of for a no amendment long-time, people have to set up scaffold to put things on and also waterproof, if it is broken up one day, they can easily find theirs things.
  • 悬挂着贵重的油画的墙壁;一个挂满藤蔓的棚架
    Walls hung with valuable paintings; a vine-hung trellis.
  • 介绍了西山隧道的地质概况和围岩特征,并重点阐述了隧道塌方的情况、原因分析、处理措施及特殊情况下钢轨棚架辅以小导管处理塌方的效果。
    The article introduces the geological condition and wall rock characteristics of Xishan tunnel, mainly elaborates on the situation of tunnel landslide, the cause analysis, the treatment measures and the effect of using rail shelf and small conduct pipe to treat landslide.
  • 由于本棚架使用中,棚内不需要立柱支撑,棚内显得特别宽敞、明亮、阳光充足,非常有利于蔬菜的生长。
    Since when the shed frame is used, the inner side of the shed does not need upright post to support, and look particularly spacious, bright and sunny.
  • 藤架:花园中的棚架,也包括棚架下的常带有两排圆柱的散步小径或阳台。
    Pergola: Garden walk or terrace typically formed by two rows of columns or posts roofed with an open framework of Beams and cross rafters over which plants are trained.