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[通信] message
报文 - message,serial port,notice
报文交换 - Message switching,message switching,messagetching
数据报文 - datagram,Data Packet,Data Message
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  • 这减少了由于获取用户的 PAC 而产生的冗余报文而会导致网络拥塞的开销。
    This reduces the overhead that clogs the network with redundant packets required to pull in the user's PAC information.
  • 服务器在接收 SYN 报文之前,要为连接分配资源,但是在大量产生 SYN 报文的情况下,最终会耗尽自己的资源,从而无法处理新的请求。
    The server allocates resources for the connections upon receipt of the SYN, then under a flood of SYN packets, eventually runs out and is unable to service new requests.
  • 归档后,返回码沿着反方向返回,以便让 CSLD 任务线程清除 Domino 中的报文
    After the archiving, the return code is returned in the opposite direction so that the CSLD task thread can stub or remove the message in Domino.
  • 在这个层次上可以将报文丢弃,从而减少对内存的使用。
    At this level, packets can be dropped to reduce memory usage.
  • ARP没有提供任何方法去认证响应的设备就真是如它报文里所说的那台。
    ARP provides no way to verify that the responding device is really who it says it is.
  • 网际控制报文协议(ICMP)是 IP 的组成部分,但它使用某些 IP 服务。
    Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) is an integral part of IP, but it uses some of IP's services.
  • 幸运的是,OS TCP 层可以负责将协议数据划分为避免 IP 分片的TCP 报文段。
    The OS TCP layer fortunately takes care of splitting the protocol data into TCP segments that avoid IP fragmentation.
  • 在 SCTP 中,客户机使用一个 INIT 报文发起一个连接。
    In SCTP, a client initiates a connection with an INIT packet.
  • 当恶意客户机使用虚假的源地址来伪造一个 IP 报文时,TCP 就会出现问题了,这会大量 TCP SYN 报文攻击服务器。
    The problem that can occur with TCP is when a rogue client forges an IP packet with a bogus source address, then floods a server with TCP SYN packets.
  • 嗯,我为什么不能制造一个完美有效但是恶意的,包含任何我自己选择的IP地址和MAC地址的ARP响应报文
    Hmmm. Well, why don't I craft a perfectly valid, yet malicious, ARP reply containing any arbitrary IP and MAC address I choose?
  • 服务器使用一个 INIT-ACK 报文进行响应,其中就包括了 cookie(标识这个连接的惟一上下文)。
    The server responds with an INIT-ACK, which includes the cookie (a unique context identifying this proposed connection).
  • 每个流都给定了一个流编号,它被编码到 SCTP 报文中,通过联合在网络上传送。
    Each stream is given a stream number that is encoded inside SCTP packets flowing through the association.
  • 反过来,IP 层又提供由网际控制报文协议(ICMP)和传输控制协议(TCP)使用的服务。
    The IP layer, in turn, provides services used by the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).
  • TCP 和 SCTP 中对新连接的初始化是通过报文握手来完成的。
    Initiating a new connection in TCP and SCTP occurs with a packet handshake.
  • 本文讨论了针对 网际控制报文协议(ICMP)和 传输控制协议(TCP)上的攻击,这两个协议都属于 网际协议(IP)系列。
    This article covers attacks on the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), which belong to the Internet Protocol (IP) suite.
  • 在 TCP 中,控制和数据通常都是通过相同的连接进行共享的,这可能会产生问题,因为控制报文可能会在数据报之后延时。
    In TCP, control and data typically share the same connection, which can be problematic because control packets can be delayed behind data packets.
  • 嗯,我为什么不能制造一个完美有效但是恶意的,包含任何我自己选择的IP地址和MAC地址的ARP响应报文
    Well, why don't I craft a perfectly valid, yet malicious, ARP reply containing any arbitrary IP and MAC address I choose?
  • 比较案例 3 和 6 可发现,取决于报文的大小,相同的设置可能导致从 1.8 到 7 GB 的不同吞吐量。
    Comparing cases 3 and 6 shows that identical setups might result in throughputs from 1.8 to 7 GB, depending on the message size.
  • 链路层上面是网络层,它负责将报文定向到目标位置。
    Above the link layer is the network layer, which is responsible for directing packets to their destinations.
  • 特别是,必须研究如何验证飞机和地面之间交互的报文
    Specifically, they say ways to authenticate messages between planes and ground control ought to be explored.
  • 客户机然后就使用一个 COOKIE-ECHO 报文进行响应,其中包含了服务器所发送的 cookie。
    The client then responds with a COOKIE-ECHO, which contains the cookie sent by the server.
  • 现在,服务器要为这个连接分配资源,并通过向客户机发送一个 COOKIE-ACK 报文对其进行响应。
    At this point, the server allocates the resource for the connection and acknowledges this by sending a COOKIE-ACK to the client.
  • 由于每个事务都有一个基本的开销,如果报文的平均大小较小(例如 10 KB),那么事务持续时间不会显著减少。
    As there is a base overhead per transaction, a smaller average message (10 KB, for instance) will not reduce the transaction duration significantly.
  • 使用这种方法,您至少可以了解(或者猜测)在不对 IP 层进行分片的情况下可能通过的 TCP 报文段的大小。
    Using this method, you can at least know (or guess, rather) what TCP segment sizes are likely to be passed through without getting fragmented at the IP level.