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Put into production
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Input production
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Put into production
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Put into production
on stream
bring on stream
put on production
投入生产 - bring on stream,put into production,put on stream
被投入生产 - be put into production
将…投入生产 - bring into operation
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Input production
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Put into production
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Into Production
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  • 有些系统具有特定的故障点,必须在投入生产运行之前对这些故障点进行测试。
    Some have specific points of failures that must be tested before being launched into a production situation.
  • 概念车永远不会直接投入生产,在现代设计的实用性,安全性和成本考虑完成之前所有必须经历了许多变化。
    Concept cars never go into production directly; in modern times all would have to undergo many changes before the design is finalized for the sake of practicality, safety and cost.
  • 车型设计更加美观,烤漆工艺更加简单,为电动汽车能大批量投入生产奠定了基础。
    Vehicle design more beautiful, more simple paint technique for electric vehicles can be put into mass production basis.
  • 在将产品投入生产之后,就会从二进制文件中删除所有调试信息。
    Binaries are stripped of all debugging information when a product goes to production.
  • 新工厂现已部分开工,其余部分在本月底前将全力投入生产
    Part of the new plant is now in operation and the remainder will Be on stream later this month.
  • 因此,在将系统投入生产之前,必须对设置进行彻底的测试。
    For this reason, test settings thoroughly before putting a system into production.
  • 我们预料在机器投入生产前,会碰到一些意外的困难。
    We expect to run into a few snags before the machine is ready for production.
  • 生产获得的利润应重新投入生产,而不是流入企业所有者的腰包。
    And the profits it makes are reinvested in the enterprise, not distributed to its owners.
  • 服务监视和管理是将服务投入生产应用以后的重要活动。
    Service monitoring and management is an important activity after the services are moved into production.
  • 随着时间推移,投入生产要素的成本可能发生变化,技术决窍可能增加。
    Over time the cost of imputs may change and technological know-how may increase.
  • Optim Development Studio支持开发人员和DBA之间的协作,并为他们提供一种便捷的方法,用于捕获、共享、审查、优化和限制将投入生产的SQL。
    Optim Development Studio supports collaboration between the developer and DBA, giving them an easy way to capture, share, review, optimize, and restrict SQL that will be put into production.
  • 这种新型的电池预计将在未来的三到五年时间内投入生产
    This type of battery is expected in the next three to five years time put into production.
  • 您的SOA现在已经投入生产了。
    Your SOA is now in production.
  • 产生将会投入生产应用并将交付投资回报的结果。
    Results in something that you'll put into production and that will deliver return on investment.
  • 其中儿童圆刃军刀已经投入生产了。
    The child's knife with rounded blade is already in production.
  • 部分矿产开发项目也已投入生产运营。
    Some mineral development projects have been put into production operations.
  • 今年6月份,该公司在宣布两个投入生产的油田都遭遇失败,崩溃过程就开始了。
    When it announced in June that both the fields that had entered production were flops, the collapse began.
  • 根据研究成果研发的实用化检修管理系统已投入生产运行,运用效果良好。
    Overhaul management system based on the research results has already been put into operation and operated very well.
  • 我们把这个问题留给读者作为练习;如果读者希望把这个应用程序或相似的应用程序投入生产环境,就需要考虑这个问题。
    We shall leave that as an exercise for readers interested in moving this or other similar applications to production.
  • 这个生产基地计划在明年开始投入生产,并且将会使戴尔在中国的生产能力增加一倍。
    The production base is planned to start operations next year and will double dell's production capacity in china.
  • 往返更新:业务模型在系统投入生产运行以后继续发展,需要对技术实现进行更新。
    Round-trip update: The business model evolves after the system has been in production, and the technical implementation needs to be updated.
  • 应该在将服务器投入生产环境中后,尽快地捕获其中的数据。
    Data should be captured on your servers as soon as they are put into production.
  • 此阶段最明显的主要交付内容或许就是投入生产环境中使用的应用程序。
    Perhaps the most obvious key deliverable for this phase is your application in production.
  • 汽车是今年年初投入生产的。
    The car went into production earlier this year.
  • 该设备在加纳的测试运行非常成功,他希望在今年年中正式投入生产
    The units have been tested successfully in Ghana, and he hopes to start manufacturing them by mid-year.
  • DBA通常会在把查询投入生产之前检查预期成本。
    DBAs normally review the anticipated costs before putting queries into production.
  • 全球公司已投入生产了吗?
    Have global started production yet?
  • 我公司主导产品系列之一。1991年投入生产,经过不断创新和发展,产品功能更加完善,已形成规模化、系列化。
    One of our leading products, put into production in1991, through continuous innovation and development, product features more perfect, has formed a large scale, series.
  • 我认为,如果这些企业将这些钱投入生产,应该允许他们无偿地将资金带回本土。
    I think they ought to bring it back for nothing if they put people to work with it.
  • 职业卫生防护设施未与主体工程同时设计,同时施工,同时投入生产和使用的;
    Failing to design, construct, and put into production and utilization the safeguards for the occupational health simultaneously with the principal part of the project;