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And will
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And will be
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And will be
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And set the
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  • 正如今晚我们和我们自己的家人在一起,不仅要记起那些我们失去的家庭成员,还有那些幸存下来并将永远忍受那一天伤痛的人们。
    As we join here tonight with our own families, we remember not only those family members who were lost, but those who survived and will forever endure the pain of that day.
  • 然后迭代具有依赖性的模块,并将这个模块从这些列表中删除。
    You then iterate the modules that depended on you and remove this module from their lists.
  • 成功处理程序为每一个值创建一个 HTML 清单元素并将其添加到清单中。
    The success handler creates an HTML list element for every value and appends it to the list.
  • 我们在该提供程序中创建这些资源,并将其与总线相关联。
    We will create these resources in the provider and associate them with the bus.
  • 这些步骤中的每一步都加以详细说明,并将提供执行它们所必需的代码。
    Each of these steps will be explained in detail and the code necessary to execute them will be provided.
  • 如果是的,就检查该用户的配置,并将之与其他用户的配置进行比较。
    If so, check the configuration of that user and compare it to configurations for other users.
  • 一旦在数据连接中定义了数据适配器,您就可以为这些适配器自动生成数据集,并将数据集定义添加到项目中。
    Once data adapters are defined in your data connection, you can automatically generate data sets for these adapters and add the data set definitions to your project.
  • 我马上会详细讨论这些规则以及如何建立这些规则并将它们分组在链中。
    I will discuss the rules in detail shortly as well as how to build these rules and group them in chains.
  • 对于这其中的所有字段,收集字段名作为第一个冒号前的内容,并将字段值作为冒号后的内容。
    For each of these fields, gather the field name as everything before the first colon and the value as everything after.
  • 这个简单的函数接受任何变量,并将它显示在屏幕上。
    This simple function takes in any variable and displays it to the screen.
  • 然后,医生采用这些信息,并将其添加到您的个人“文件”。
    Then, the doctor takes that information and adds it to your personal "file".
  • 我们已提出了30个问题并将在我们的博客调查进行解答。
    We have posed 30 questions which we would like to answer with our blog survey.
  • 在前面对管道线的讨论中,您学习了如何接受一个命令的输出,并将它用作另一个命令的输入。
    In the preceding discussion of pipelines, you learned how to take the output of one command and use it as input to another command.
  • 您从一开始就得学习它并将其设计到您的系统中,就像您在可伸缩性、性能、可靠性和安全性方面进行的设计一样。
    You have to work at it and design it in to your systems from the beginning, just like you have to design in scalability, performance, reliability and security.
  • 它们都会导出更改并将它发送给您。
    Both export their changes and send them to you.
  • 因此, 要浏览这篇文章重的练习,创建两个用户并将其中一个安排为那些角色的每一个。
    Therefore, to work through the exercises in this article, create two users and assign one of them to each of those roles.
  • 带着这种把它们当作我的画布或建筑砌块来工作的念头,我把书籍变成了雕塑,探索并将书籍重新定义为熟知的物体、媒介和原始形状。
    With the idea of working with them as my canvas or building block, I transform the books into sculptures that explore and redefine the book as familiar object, medium, and archetypal form.
  • 我们合计每一层并将其表示为前一个层的某个百分比。
    We aggregate each layer and express it as some percentage of the previous layer.
  • 当时在一个下午的表演中,她改变故事情节,脱掉了她的丝质睡袍,并将他吸引至床上。
    Then in one afternoon performance, she changes the plot, stripping off her silk robe and pulling him on to the bed.
  • 为下一个演变或者项目做准备的过程中,您应该对下一次应该有什么变更提出建议,做出决定并将它付诸于行动。
    In preparation for the next evolution or project, you should develop recommendations about what to change next time; make decisions and put them into action.
  • 接下来,点击这个图框并将它拖拽到生命线。
    Next, click the diagram frame and drag it to the lifeline.
  • 毕竟,您已经创建了需求,对它们进行了分类,并将它们放在了需求管理系统中;为什么需要在门户研讨会上再一次讨论它们呢?
    After all, you have already created the requirements, categorized them, and placed them into your requirements management system; why do you need to discuss them again in the portal workshop?
  • 例如,您可以订阅另一个社区站点的讨论区域,并将其显示在自己的站点上,就好像它们是您自己的讨论区域一样。
    For example, you might subscribe to the discussion section of another community site and display it on your site as if it were your own discussion section.