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Power density
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Power density
功率密度 - power density,specific power,density of power
高功率密度 - high power density,HPD,super high power desity
电子束功率密度 - beam power density
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Power density
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Power density
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  • 这种技术不仅提供较高的功率密度,而且还提高了整个绝缘系统包括液体绝缘的质量和寿命。
    This kind of technology can not only offer higher power density and can still raise the life and quality of entire insulation system including liquid insulation.
  • 它们可实现比标准中波加热器更高的功率密度
    They achieve a significantly higher power density than standard medium wave heaters.
  • 此外直流变压器还具有易于实现ZVS开关、功率密度高等优点。
    All the switches are ZVS in the DC transformer, so the efficiency of the DC transformer and the power density are all high.
  • 目的观察高功率密度毫米波照射对大鼠免疫功能的影响。
    Objective To elucidate the effects of high powered density millimeter wave irradiation on immune function of rats.
  • 多相输电能够明显地降低导线表面的电位梯度,是提高输送功率密度的重要方法。
    Multi-phase power transmission is an important way to reduce the potential gradient of the transmission conductor surface and increase the power density transmitted.
  • 霍尔塞特涡轮增压器是现代柴油发动机不可缺少的部分,它改善燃烧效益,提高功率密度,非常可靠,日复一日,年复一年,我们的焦点很清楚,就是重型涡轮增压器市场。
    The Holset turbocharger is an intrinsic part of the modern diesel engine, delivering efficient combustion and high levels of power density reliably--mile after mile, hour after hour.
  • 这是采用独特的多光束技术实现的,图2显示了其工作原理,降低了功率密度,减小了热负载,缩小了刻线宽度。
    This is achieved by using a unique multi beam technology, demonstrated in figure 2, which reduces the power density, minimizes the thermal load, and reduces the kerf width in the wafer.
  • 随着电子技术的发展,用设备对电源要求不断提高,开关电源正向着效率高、功率密度大、可靠性高、电磁干扰低、无噪声、维护方便的方向发展。
    With the development of the electronic technology, the higher requirements of Power Supply are raised including high efficiency , high power density , low EMI and rapid dynamic response.
  • 当前,安全可靠、有利于环保、高功率密度、体积小、重量轻的新型二次锂电池正被广泛应用。
    Nowadays, the novel secondary lithium battery is widely used for it is safe and reliable, small and light, good for environment protection with high power density.
  • 基于电压源逆变器(V S I)的静止无功发生器(SVG)直接应用PWM控制技术,具有结构紧凑、易于控制、谐波含量小以及功率密度大等优点。
    VSI-based SVG using PWM technology has some advantages such as compact structure, simple control, little harmonics and high power density.
  • 为发展用于高功率密度聚变堆的液态锂第一壁和偏滤器靶板展示了有希望的前景。
    As a result, it might open up hopeful prospects to develop high power density fusion reactor with liquid lithium surface of first wall and divertor target plate.
  • 利用微束激光并选用适当的功率密度,可将小冰麦异附加系花粉母细胞染色体切割成2-3段。
    By using laser microbeam with a optimal power density the chromosomes of pollen mother cells of an Agropyron intermedium allo-addition line of wheat could be cut into 2~3 segments.
  • 综合设计和开发活动的目标是为了进一步改善功率密度,提高能量效率并减少制造成本。
    The objective of the integrated design and development activity is to further improve power density, increase energy efficiency, and to reduce manufacturing cost.
  • 四个不利冲程阿特金森循环发动机与更常见的奥托循环发动机的功率密度降低。
    The disadvantage of the four-stroke Atkinson-cycle engine versus the more common Otto-cycle engine is reduced power density.
  • 针对燃料电池轿车的特点和设计要求而开发的满足燃料电池轿车需要的DC/DC变换器,具有功率密度大、效率高、可靠性高、体积小、质量轻等特点。
    Based on the features and technical requirements of fuel cell cars, a DC/DC converter with high power density, high efficiency, high-reliability, small size and lightweight is developed.
  • 随着电子技术的发展,用电设备对电源要求不断提高,开关电源正向着效率高、功率密度大、可靠性高、电磁干扰低、无噪声、维护方便的方向发展。
    With the development of the electronic technology, the higher requirements of Power Supply are raised including high efficiency, high power density, low EMI and rapid dynamic response.
  • “首先,这和功率密度有关,”蒂姆•史密斯说。 他是牵牛星(Altair)设计工程部的主任。
    “Primarily it has to do with power density, ” said Tim Smith, director of design engineering at Altair.
  • 功率密度这个因素要比,轻水反应堆低10倍。
    The power density is about a factor of ten lower than in the light water reactor.
  • 材料之间的结合决定了电池的特性,包括它的能量和功率密度,以及安全性、使用寿命和成本。
    The combination of materials determines the characteristics of the battery, including its energy and power density, safety, longevity and cost.
  • “这是一个非常激动人心的发展,这表明高功率密度通过这样的创新是可以实现的,”他说。
    "This is a very exciting development which demonstrates that high power densities are achievable by such innovations, " he said.
  • 并表明,开发中的电池在能量和功率密度、效率、500A充电和放电电流、内部电阻和维护等各方面都有极好的性能。
    The battery under development has demonstrated excellent performance in terms of energy and power density, efficiency, 500A charge and discharge current, internal resistance and maintenance work.
  • 但它是非常有限的总重量体积和输出功率密度研究。
    But it is very limited in total power output density in weight and volume.
  • 电解质是制备高功率密度和高能量密度、长循环寿命和安全性能良好的锂离子电池的关键材料之一。
    Electrolyte was one of the key points which made rechargeable lithium ion batteries with high power and energy density, long cycling life and desirable safety.