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All round
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全面的 - comprehensive,overall,all-round
不全面的看法 - an unbalanced view
全面的智能发展 - broad mental development
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(Trad=全面的, Pinyin=quan2 mian4 de5) exhaustive
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  • 这个Elite Software Support包提供了全面的支持和产品更新。
    This Elite Software Support provides full support and product updates for the term of the package.
  • 在通常一本书的篇幅中要作如此全面的调查不太实际。
    Within the compass of a normal sized book such a comprehensive survey was not practicable.
  • 柯尔律治的思想可以在《政治家手册》中找到最全面的阐述。
    The fullest exposition of Coleridge's thought can be found in the States-man's Manual.
  • 他在数学方面接受过全面的基础训练。
    He grounded himself thoroughly in mathematics.
  • 它还提供了一种十分全面的方式来对所开发的页面进行单元测试。
    It also provides a comprehensive way to unit test the pages developed.
  • 总统许诺如果能再次当选将采取全面的减税措施。
    The President promised across-the-board tax cuts if re-elected.
  • 经筵制度就是在这一基础之上发展起来的一系列相对完善、全面的制度体系。
    The system of "jingyan" consists of a series of, based on this, relatively mature and all-around institutions.
  • 这场战斗有可能会演变为全面的战争。
    The fighting is threatening to turn into full-scale war
  • 他是这项运动中技术最全面的运动员之一。
    He had been one of the game's most versatile athletes.
  • 这是最大和最全面的转储文件文件格式。
    This is the largest and most comprehensive dump-file format.
  • 日益完善的对话管理系统将有助于对病人进行更为有效和更为全面的数据捕捉及探测。
    Ever-improving dialog manager systems will help make data capture and exploration from patients more accurate and comprehensive.
  • 我们已意识到潜在的问题,并采取了全面的预防措施。
    We are aware of the potential problems and have taken every precaution.
  • 只有通过一个全面的垃圾处理系统才能够充分解决这一问题。
    Only through a holistic system of trash disposal can this problem be fully solved.
  • 重要的是要对你最终实现的解决方案完成一个全面的表述。
    What is important is that you achieve a comprehensive expression of the solution approach you will eventually implement.
  • 它提供了全面的基础结构和易于理解的配置。
    It provides a comprehensive infrastructure and easy-to-understand configuration.
  • 他展示了一个枢纽前卫非常全面的技术。
    He demonstrated the all-round skills of a quarterback.
  • 政府对其工业发展计划做了全面的解释。
    The government gave a comprehensive explanation of its plans for industry.
  • GWT是一个全面的框架,提供了许多有用的功能。
    GWT is a comprehensive framework that provides a great deal of useful functionality.
  • Maximo:在一个统一平台上提供对所有资产类型的全面的资产生命周期和维护管理。
    Maximo: Provides comprehensive asset lifecycle and maintenance management for all asset types on a single unified platform.
  • 有一个我知道的组织全面的采用了监督和控制的观点(也许是过于狂热)。
    One organization I know of fully embraced the idea of oversight and control& perhaps too enthusiastically.
  • 全面的部署测试可以确保应用程序的功能性是正确的。
    A more extensive deployment test can ensure that the application's functionality is correct.
  • 关于工业为何陷入困境正在展开一场全面的讨论。
    A full-scale debate is under way on what ails the industry.
  • 这个工具对UML2模型和图表类型提供了全面的支持。
    This tool provides complete support for UML2 model and diagram types.
  • 通过对整个企业的彻底评估,您将了解哪些系统需要最全面的测试。
    Through a thorough evaluation of the entire enterprise, you will know which systems need the most comprehensive testing.
  • 官员们预计各个毒品团伙头目之间的对抗可能会引发一场全面的冲突。
    Officials anticipate that rivalry between leaders of the various drug factions could erupt into full scale war.
  • 执政党打算强制推行一个全面的社会主义方案。
    The party in power planned to bulldoze through a full socialist programme
  • 对于重组体dna问题,我们需要有一个全面的估价,而且最好由联邦政府主办。
    We need a comprehensive assessment of the recombinant DNA issue, preferably under the auspices of the federal government.
  • 为了让大家领会他的观点,他正在作全面的概括。
    He is making sweeping generalisations to get his point across
  • 我们的金融稳定和重组计划是全面的、具体的、突破性的。
    "Our stability and restructuring program is comprehensive, it is specific and it breaks new ground," Mr.
  • 这个非常全面的调查可追溯到1784年。
    This very thorough survey goes back to 1784