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walk with vigorous strides
健步 - Vigorous,walk with vigorous strides
健步长靴 - Sure-Step Boots,Step Boots
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Vigorous strides
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(Trad=健步, Pinyin=jian4 bu4) walk with vigorous strides
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  • 那位七旬老人健步走进公园。
    That 70-year-old man walked into the park with vigorous strides.
  • 我想要健步下坡,但我不敢确定自己能否保持平衡。
    I wanted to stride away down the slope, but I did not trust my balance.
  • 不同运动强度的健步走对老年男性心血管功能的影响
    Influence of walking of different intensities on the cardiovascular function in elderly men
  • 到了门外,他开始健步东行,向麦迪逊大街走去。尼麦角林分散片在健康人体的生物等效性研究
    Outside, he started walking briskly east toward Madison Avenue. Bioequivalence of nicergoline dispersible tablets in healthy volunteers
  • 与平衡练习相结合的健步走训练可使聋人大学生的人字步、单腿站立测试指标发生显著性变化。
    The vigorous walking exercises, applied in combination with the balance training, can significantly improve the testing indexes of deaf students 'lambdoid footwork and unilateral leg standing; 3.
  • 从身体形态、身体机能和身体素质等方面综合考虑,女大学生的最适宜的健步走运动强度范围为30-60%FC。
    Consideration synthesis from cardiovascular function, bodily shape and physical quality, most suitable intensity vigorously walks to the female university student is30~ 60% FC.
  • 中等强度健步走对2型糖尿病(T2DM)患者生理、生化指标影响的研究
    The Medium Intensity in Steps Walks to the Influence of the Physiological and Biochemical Indexes of the Type ⅱ Diabetes Mellitus Patients
  • 吉姆是一个健步者,不久就赶到别人前面去了。
    Jim was a quick walker and soon got ahead of the others.
  • 健步出发,凯特落在后面。
    He set off at a brisk walk, Kate lagging behind.
  • 太极拳、健步走对改善女性老年人静态平衡功能效果的对比研究
    Comparison research on improving aged women's static balance by Taijiquan and vigorous walk
  • 前言:结合医案介绍黄煌教授应用自拟四味健步汤的临床经验。
    This paper introduces professor Huang Huang's experience in the application of "Siwei Jianbu Decoction".
  • 健步走对非酒精性脂肪性肝病患者血液生化指标的影响
    Influences of Walking on Some Blood Biochemical Index of NAFLD Patients
  • 结论复骨健步冲剂能促进激素性股骨头缺血性坏死的骨重建,有显著地防治股骨头坏死的作用。
    Conclusions FG is significantly effective in the prevention and treatment of femoral head ischemic necrosis induced by steroid.
  • 目的探讨健步走运动对非酒精性脂肪性肝病(NAFLD)患者血液生化指标的改善效果。
    Objective: To observe the influences of aerobic exercise on some blood biochemistry index of NAFLD patients.
  • 我每天在自然界中健步行走去上课,由时间思索,意识到自己与高耸的红杉树相比,我是多么渺小。
    I take nature hikes to get to class every day, giving me time to reflect and realize just how small I am compared to the towering redwood trees above me.
  • 你是健步者吗?
    Are you a good walker?
  • 上海市某社区糖调节受损患者健步走干预效果评价
    Health Effect of Walking for Patients with Impaired Glucose Regulation in Community
  • 他们健步走进灯火通明的接待厅,愉快地会见了外国朋友。
    They walked briskly into the brightly lit reception hall and happily met the foreign guests.
  • 本研究通过对36名辽宁师范大学普通女大学生进行为期10周的健步走锻炼,观察不同运动强度对女大学生体质的影响。
    This research select 36 Liaoning normal university ordinary female university student to carry on for 10 week-long vigorously walks the exercise, the observation different movement intensity to the female university student archery target influence.
  • 运动处方实施前后超声心动图的结果显示,8周低中强度健步走运动对心脏的舒张末期容积、心搏出量等有显著影响,提示老年女性采取30%~60%F。
    The results of the resting echocardiograph measurements before and after the experiment indicated that 8-week middle-intensity walking had significant effect on end-diastolic volume and stroke volume. It is suggested that exercise training in the range of 30%~ 60% F.
  • 复骨健步冲剂对激素性股骨头缺血性坏死降钙素、甲状旁腺素影响的实验研究
    An experimental study on the influence of "fugujianbu" granules on the levels of calcitonin and parathyroid in steroid-induced femoral-head necrosis
  • 我不打算做最后一个到达山顶的人,于是开始健步行走。
    I was not going to be the last one to the top, so I began power walking.
  • 参与太极拳、交谊舞、健步走对老年女性静态平衡能力的对比分析
    The Comparative Study on the Static Balance Ability of the Elderly Female by Taking Tai Chi Chuan 、 Ballroom Dancing and Vigorous Walk