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n. [生化] 维生素;[生化] 维他命
Vitamin - 维生素,维他命,维生素
Vitamin C - 维生素C,维生素C,维他命C
vitamin B2 - 维生素B,核黄素,维生素B2
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维他命, 维生素
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  • 维生素是一种人体无法合成的化合物。
    A vitamin is a chemical compound that cannot be synthesized by the human body.
  • 大剂量补充维生素E可能会造成血压偏高。
    Large supplemental doses of vitamin E can slightly raise blood pressure.
  • 维生素C的存在是冷冻食品里存在其他维生素和营养成分的很好说明。
    Vitamin C is a good marker for the presence of other vitamins and nutrients in frozen food.
  • 维生素C促进食物中铁的吸收。
    Vitamin C increases the absorption of iron from food.
  • 这种产品不能充分补充维生素和矿物质。
    The product provided inadequate vitamin and mineral supplementation.
  • 昆虫很讨厌皮肤内维生素的气味。
    The odour of vitamin in skin is repugnant to insects
  • 健康的人不需要额外补充维生素。
    Healthy people do not need vitamin supplements.
  • 维生素C可溶于水。
    Vitamin C is water soluble.
  • 这种维生素通过小肠壁被吸收。
    This vitamin is absorbed through the walls of the small intestine.
  • 你要服一粒维生素B胶囊。
    You are asked to swallow a capsule containing vitamin B
  • 没有确凿证据证明,摄取维生素A会导致出生缺陷。
    There was no positive evidence that any birth defects had arisen as a result of Vitamin A intake.
  • 出生后第一周通常要服用维生素K,以防止出血。
    Vitamin K is routinely given in the first week of life to prevent bleeding.
  • 它还添加了维生素C。
    It has also been fortified with vitamin C
  • 逐渐减少维生素C的服用量。
    Gradually decrease the amount of vitamin C you are taking
  • 这种特殊形态的维生素D天然存在于母乳中。
    This special form of vitamin D is naturally present in breast milk
  • 更麻烦的是,每个人对维生素的需求量是不同的。
    To complicate matters further, everybody's vitamin requirements vary
  • 可以买一种含蜂王浆、花粉和维生素C的配方产品。
    You can buy a formulation containing royal jelly, pollen and vitamin C.
  • 维生素C在控制体重方面扮演着多重角色。首先,荷尔蒙的生成有赖于它。
    Vitamin C has many roles to play in weight control. Firstly, it is needed for hormone production.
  • 黄油、人造黄油和多脂鱼都含有丰富的维生素D。
    Butter, margarine, and oily fish are all good sources of vitamin D.
  • 坚果和种子里含有丰富的维生素E。
    Nuts and seeds are good sources of vitamin E.
  • 给他服了大剂量的维生素C。
    He was put on a high dosage of vitamin C.
  • 铁会破坏维生素E,所以这两种营养物质不应该同时摄取。
    Since iron destroys vitamin E, these two nutrients should not be taken in conjunction.
  • 肝脏和肾脏的维生素A含量尤其丰富。
    Liver and kidney are particularly rich in vitamin A
  • 这种光照会促进皮肤中维生素D的合成。
    This kind of lighting encourages vitamin D synthesis in the skin.
  • 哪种维生素补充片好?
    Which vitamin supplements are good value?
  • 每天吃一个橙子能充分摄取所需的维生素C。
    An orange a day will give you all the vitamin C you need.
  • 维生素B6对于改善狗和马的皮毛有显著的作用。
    Vitamin B6 is great for improving the condition of dogs 'and horses' coats.
  • 维生素C受热过度就会被破坏。
    Vitamin C is destroyed when overheated.
  • 它里面含维生素A和维生素C。
    It contains vitamin A and vitamin C.
  • 正常情况下,仅有20%到40%的维生素E会被吸收。
    Under normal conditions, only about 20 to 40 per cent of vitamin E is absorbed