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n. 演唱;鸣声;呼啸声
vt. 唱;用诗赞颂;唱着使
vi. 唱歌;歌颂;鸣叫;呼号
n. (Sing)人名;(老、德、泰)辛
sing - 唱歌,唱,欢唱
Lung Sing - 龙星
Wee Sing - 欧美经典儿歌,精心选曲,唱歌啦
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唱, 唱歌; 呼号; 鸣, 鸣叫; 呜呜作声; 唱; 给...唱; 吟唱; 用诗赞颂
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  • 我们听到了一阵清脆嘹亮的歌声。
    We heard a voice sing out in a clear, sharp tone.
  • 他们不得不在那些耗人精力的官方手续的办理过程中进行疏通。
    They would have to 'sing for their supper' during the exhausting official round of duties.
  • 你要唱就唱呗。
    Well, sing if you like.
  • 欢乐的歌儿唱呀么唱起来。
    Let's sing a song of joy.
  • 跟着屏幕上的歌词一起唱。
    Read the on-screen lyrics and sing along.
  • 我大多唱爱情歌曲。
    I sing about love most of the time
  • 她不会唱歌,就别难为她了。
    She can't sing. So don't press her to.
  • 他开始唱起歌来,然后我也跟着唱起来。
    He started to sing and I joined in.
  • 我唱歌不是特别合拍,但我认为我唱得比其他很多歌手都更富感情。
    I don't sing perfectly in tune, but I think I put more expression into my lyrics than a lot of other singers do.
  • 突然,他记起了一首她过去经常唱的歌。
    Suddenly his mind filled with the recollection of a song she used to sing
  • 我听见她唱老调就很生气。
    I was irritated to hear her sing the same song.
  • 每次唱到那一句,我都不得不跟那该死的长号拼声音。
    Every time I sing that line, I have to compete with that bloody trombone!
  • 很少有吉他手唱歌像弹吉他那么好,然而埃迪是个例外。
    Few guitarists can sing as well as they can play; Eddie, however, is an exception
  • 现在大家唱歌,我起头。
    Now everybody sing! I'll take the lead.
  • 如果我来面试歌手的话,请允许我这样说,他不会进入我的乐团来唱歌的。
    If I was auditioning for a vocalist, let me put it this way, he wouldn't get to sing in my band
  • 那么,来吧,给我们唱首歌!
    Go on, then, sing us a song!
  • 他们要我唱歌,这可将了我一军。
    They embarrassed me by calling on me to sing.
  • 夜莺歌唱。
    Nightingales sing.
  • 你给我们唱个歌好吗?
    Will you sing a song for us?
  • 她想听他现场演唱。
    She wanted to hear him sing in person.
  • 关在笼里的夜莺唱不出歌来。
    Nightingales will not sing in a cage.
  • 我们应该把各部门联合起来,这样我们就能意见一致了。
    We should bring together the departments so that we're all singing from the same hymn sheet.
  • 小鸟已经在花园里歌唱了。
    Birds were already singing in the garden.
  • 我唱得不及她好。
    I don't sing as well as she does.
  • 他喜欢踢足球和唱流行歌曲。
    He likes to play football and to sing popular songs.
  • “你让我无法自拔,”埃迪唱道。
    'You're getting to be a habit with me,' sang Eddie.
  • 他拉开架子,唱起了京剧。
    He assumed a posture and began to sing a part in a Beijing opera.
  • 虽然她对音乐一无所知,但却爱唱歌。
    She didn't know anything about music but she liked to sing.
  • 他们全都在唱同一首歌。
    They were all singing the same song
  • 在给这些男孩们盖好被子叫他们乖乖睡觉前,我会给他们唱首歌或讲一个故事听。
    I sing to the boys or read them a story before tucking them in.