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n. 店主,老板
shopkeeper - 店主,掌柜,零售商
shopkeeper model - 店铺模式,店铺形式,店肆标准样式
Shopkeeper Said - 掌柜说,可可说
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零售商, 老板, 店主
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  • 我肯定,那店老板给我称土豆时称足了分量。
    I'm sure the shopkeeper gave me full measure when she weighed out the potatoes.
  • 那个店主欺骗顾客。
    That shopkeeper cheats his customers.
  • 他试了一下,告诉店主把它放进袋。
    He tried it on and then told the shopkeeper to put it into a bag.
  • 那家商店的老板是这个镇上的地头蛇。
    That shopkeeper is a scoundrel in the town.
  • 当我撤销订单,店老板对我怒目而视。
    I got some black looks from the shopkeeper when I cancelled my order.
  • 他拥有这商店,所以他是店主。
    He owns the shop, so he is the shopkeeper.
  • 上个月一名店主的侄子被枪杀了。
    Last month a shopkeeper's nephew was shot dead
  • 他们不知道,她的父亲曾当过店主,又当过市长。
    They were quite unaware that her father was a shopkeeper and had been mayor.
  • 店主没有足够的零钱找给我,他就多给了我一些雪茄烟作抵充。
    The shopkeeper could not find enough change for me so he let me take it out in more cigars.
  • 但是如果你只相信店主的话,你如何证实他说的呢?
    But if you only have the shopkeeper's word, how can you prove that he said that?
  • 是你用吗,公民?店主问。
    'For you, citizen?' asked the shopkeeper.
  • 经过数小时的讨价还价,老板终于同意了那个推销员的出价。
    After hours of talking about the price, the shopkeeper at last closed with the salesman's offer.
  • 问题:你该对店主说什么?
    Question: What would you say to the shopkeeper?
  • 一个窃贼射杀了店主,而另一个窃贼则逃走了。
    One thief shot the shopkeeper and the other ran away.
  • 店主说你的尺寸的羊毛衫已售完了。
    The shopkeeper said the woolen sweaters your size were.
  • 他们告诉店主不用找钱了。
    They told the shopkeeper to keep the change.
  • 店主到批发商处进货去了。
    The shopkeeper has gone to the wholesaler to buy new products.
  • 店主对商店作了彻底的检查。
    The shopkeeper gave his store a thorough checkup.
  • 那个店主已经营店铺多年了。
    That shopkeeper has had his business for many years.
  • 店主有义务提供质量与其描述相符的商品。
    The onus is on the shopkeeper to provide goods which live up to the quality of their description
  • 店主骗了我一千美元。
    The shopkeeper did me out of1000 dollar.
  • 他在一张纸上写下了几个药粉的名字并把它给了店主。
    He wrote on a piece of paper the names of several powders and gave it to the shopkeeper.
  • 鞋店老板会说他卖鞋靴用品,我们则说他卖鞋子。
    A shopkeeper would say he sold footwear; we would say he sold shoes.
  • 我们同店主的账已经结清了。
    We've squared up with the shopkeeper.
  • 店主:我的秤准确无误,太太。可是你称过你的小儿子了吗?
    Shopkeeper: My scales are all right, madam. Have you weighted your little boy?
  • 店主在晚上打烊前对商店作了最后检查。
    The shopkeeper give his store a final checkup before closing for the night.
  • 店老板说他所有的水果和蔬菜都是当地出产的。
    The shopkeeper said all his fruit and vegetables are grown locally.
  • 如果能找到店主,我会把钱付给他的。
    If I can find the shopkeeper, I will pay him for it.
  • 店主:就写付给琼斯公司好了。
    Shopkeeper: Make it out to Jones and Company.
  • 菜店老板就很开心地问我要这种绿色的叶子做什么用。
    Amused, the shopkeeper asked what I wanted this alleged green leaf for.