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n. 满意,满足;赔偿;乐事;赎罪
Satisfaction - 满意,满足,满意度
Job Satisfaction - 工作满意度,工作的满意感,工作满足
Life Satisfaction - 生活满意度,生活满意感,生活满意
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满意, 满足; 称心; 愉快
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  • 人们对沙利文博士当选卫生部部长表示满意。
    Dr. Sullivan's selection to head the Department of Health was greeted with satisfaction
  • 适应虽然艰难,但是现在我已逐渐从工作中获得了满足。
    It has been hard to adjust but now I'm getting satisfaction from my work.
  • 这对客户满意度造成了负面影响。
    This has had a negative impact on customer satisfaction.
  • 对我来说这消息是个喜讯。
    The news is a great satisfaction to me.
  • 他们的移动业务的顾客满意度高达90%以上。
    Customer satisfaction with their mobile service runs at more than 90 per cent.
  • 运动将让你体会到一种有所成就的无比喜悦感。
    Exercise will give you a glow of satisfaction at having achieved something
  • 双方对目前的进展都表示满意。
    Both sides expressed satisfaction with the progress so far
  • 当然,他没有让自己流露出满意的神色,更不会说出这种心情了。
    He didn't allow himself to show his satisfaction, of course, let alone to speak of it.
  • 她似乎从没能做过一件正确或令他满意的事。
    She never could seem to do anything right or to his satisfaction
  • 伤害赔偿很少使受害人称心如意。
    The compensations for the injuries seldom yield complete satisfaction.
  • 这个变化同时改进了业务流程的结果和工作人员的工作满意度。
    This change improves both the business results and the job satisfaction of human workers.
  • 我们知道我人尽力了,至少我们对此很满意。
    At least we had the satisfaction of knowing we had done our best.
  • 这种沟通是我们在工作中取得成功和生活中获得满足的一个不可或缺的链接。
    This communication is our success in work and life satisfaction of one of the indispensable links.
  • 这提供了一个满意度测量仪“差距”,这是客观的和定量的性质。
    This provides the measurer with a satisfaction "gap" which is objective and quantitative in nature.
  • 很难想象这个问题如何解决才能让每个人都满意。
    It is hard to see how the issue can be resolved to everyone's satisfaction.
  • 如果你得不到任何赔偿,向园区所有者投诉。
    If you can't get any satisfaction, complain to the park owner.
  • 高质量标准和用户满意是主要因素。
    High quality standards and customer satisfaction are the key.
  • 我想我永远都不会富有,但是我在工作上很有满足感。
    I doubt I'll ever get rich, but I get job satisfaction.
  • 观看一幅美丽的图画常使人心满意足。
    Looking at a beautiful painting always gives one satisfaction.
  • 她有了一丝满足感。
    She felt a small glow of satisfaction
  • 托马斯和夫人得意地互相望了一眼。
    Thomas and his wife looked at each other in smug satisfaction.
  • 她脸上浮漾着欣慰的微笑。
    Her face beams with satisfaction.
  • 减少了护理差错和不良事件的发生,提高了病人满意率。
    Results: It decreased nursing errors and infaust events and the satisfaction rate of patients was enhanced.
  • 那人感到受了骗,回到商店要求赔偿。
    The man found that he had been cheated and went back to the store to demand satisfaction.
  • 然而,在中年时人们的幸福和生活的满意度下降了。
    In the middle, however, most people's happiness and life satisfaction levels drop.
  • 我确实认为可以既提高客户满意度又降低成本。
    I really believe that it is possible to both improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs
  • 他们争论了几个钟头,结果双方都不太满意。
    They went into it for several hours, without much satisfaction on either side.
  • 我们也提高了顾客满意的标准。
    We also improved our customer satisfaction levels.
  • 这给了我一种满足感。
    It gave me a feeling of satisfaction
  • 您的支持和满意,就是对我们最大的回报。
    Your support and satisfaction, are to we biggest repayment.