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n. 照片,图画;影片;景色;化身
vt. 画;想像;描写
Picture - 图片,图画,照片
Heisenberg picture - 海森堡绘景,海森堡绘景,海森伯绘景
picture tube - 显像管,映像管,重画管
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想像; 描绘, 描述; 画, 拍摄
画, 照片, 图画
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  • 图片印反了。
    The picture was printed back to front.
  • 卢克从不告诉你事情的来龙去脉,但你总会弄明白是怎么回事。
    Luke never tells you the whole story, but you always get the picture.
  • 法亚尔督察把情况都告诉你了吗?
    Has Inspector Fayard put you in the picture?
  • 他想象克莱尔坐在外面车里等他的情景。
    He pictured Claire sitting out in the car, waiting for him
  • 在边界那边的埃塞俄比亚,情况也大致相似。
    It's a similar picture across the border in Ethiopia.
  • 小孩把画挂倒了。
    The children hung the picture upside down.
  • 游客无事可做,只能互相拍照。
    The tourists have nothing to do but take pictures of each other
  • 我们发现她站在一把椅子上,满脸恐惧地发出歇斯底里的尖叫。
    We found her standing on a chair, the picture of terror, screaming hysterically.
  • 我尽力想象那个地方,但想不出来。
    I tried to picture the place, but could not.
  • 她设想自己从事接触动物的工作。
    She pictured herself working with animals
  • 他们的心中有一个酒鬼应有的样子。
    They have in their mind a picture of what an alcoholic should look like
  • 华纳通信公司已拒绝在美国发行这部电影。
    Warner Communications Inc. has refused to distribute the picture in the United States.
  • 我们只是想把整个下午的情形搞清楚。
    We are just trying to get our picture of the whole afternoon straight
  • 有时安全措施过于严密,使本来可能会提供重要情况的人成了局外人。
    Sometimes security was so tight that people who might have had something important to offer were left out of the picture.
  • 这幅画模仿了拉斐尔的风格。
    This picture is in the manner of Raphael.
  • 你想了什么办法让他摆姿势照了这张照片?
    How did you get him to pose for this picture?
  • 但和其他慈善机构一样,这些数字掩盖了实情。
    But as with other charitable bodies, these figures mask the true picture
  • 我们今晚要去看电影。
    We're going to the pictures tonight
  • 如果你的眼睛或头动了,图像就会变得模糊不清。
    If you move your eyes and your head, the picture will blur.
  • 迈耶森在7月份消失后现在又掺和了进来了。
    Meyerson is back in the picture after disappearing in July
  • 从现在已公布的文件看,真相开始浮现。
    From the files that have now been released, a truer picture emerges.
  • 她的书是女性当下所面临问题的凄凉写照。
    Her book paints a bleak picture of the problems women now face
  • 许多报纸的头版上都刊登了那个高尔夫球手高高举起奖杯亲吻的照片。
    The golfer is pictured on many of the front pages, kissing his trophy as he holds it aloft.
  • 我本来就宁可去电影院看,而不是看录像。
    I'd rather see it at the pictures than on video anyway.
  • 《观察家报》在头版刊登了一张暴乱者聚集在满是垃圾的街头的大幅照片。
    The Observer carries a big front-page picture of rioters in a litter-strewn street.
  • 一幅罗里·奥穆尔的画像挂在基尔丹根的餐厅里。
    A picture of Rory O'Moore hangs in the dining room at Kildangan.
  • 我会试着更清楚地向你描述一下这些男孩子都干些什么。
    I'll try and give you a better picture of what the boys do
  • 我试图将这幅画面从脑海中抹去。
    I tried to put the picture from my mind.
  • 我怎么也想不出她的家会是这样。
    I never would have pictured this as her home