oil damper

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oil damper - 油阻尼器,液压式减振器,油缓冲器
oil pressure damper - 油压减震器,液压减振器,油压减振器
silicone oil spring damper - 板簧硅油减振器,硅油弹簧减振器
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  • 可调式线性油压减振器阻尼孔的精度设计研究
    Research on Machining Accuracy Allowance Design of the Damping Holes in an Adjustable Linear Oil Damper
  • 双向式油压减振器试验台新型油压减振器试验台的微机测控系统
    Microcomputer Detect-control System in the New-type Oil Damper Test-bed
  • 油压减震器压力缸部件有限元分析
    Finite element analysis on pressure cylinder component of oil damper
  • 通过对200MW机组主油系统排烟装置及油档的改进,解决了轴承油档及前箱调速系统各操纵手柄漏油问题。
    The improvement of the main-oil system, gas extraction device and oil damper solves the problem of oil leakage from the bearing oil damper and each operation handle of the front box speed control system in 200 MW unit.
  • 介绍一种新型双向式油压减振器试验台。
    This paper presents a new kind of bidirectional oil damper test rig.
  • 旋转式硅油阻尼器动态特性实验研究
    Experiments Study for Dynamic Features of Rotational Silicon Oil Damper
  • 为提高可调油压减振器阻尼性能,并降低其制造成本,提出一种基于优化设计的油压减振器稳健设计方法。
    To improve the damping capacity and decrease the manufacturing cost of damping adjustable oil damper, a new robust design method of oil damper was proposed based on optimal design.
  • 以可调式线性油压减振器为研究对象,建立了其额定典型工作点阻尼力受油温影响的数学模型。
    Mathematic model for the damping force at rated typical work velocity vs oil temperature of an adjustable linear oil damper is established in this paper.
  • 弹性环式挤压油膜阻尼器(ERSFD)与传统挤压油膜阻尼器(SFD)相比,在动力特性方面具有一定的特色。
    A high efficient oil film damper which is known as elastic ring squeeze film damper ( ERSFD) has special dynamical characteristics based on the conventional squeeze film damper ( SFD).
  • 考虑被动悬挂系统仍是现有普通车辆的主要悬挂方式,结合国内列车提速的大背景,研究了准高速列车一系垂向油压减振器的主参数优化方法。
    Because the passive suspension is still the main mode of common vehicles now, the oil damper used for high-speed railway is optimized only focused on its key structure.
  • 为减振器的寿命、材料、密封设计以及维修工作提供依据和检测标准,以可调式线性油压减振器为研究对象,对其许用磨损量进行了研究。
    In order to provide a basis for the damper's life-span, material and seal design, and provide inspecting standards for damper maintenance, the wear allowance of an adjustable linear oil damper is studied in this paper.
  • 通过对减振器密封泄漏的研究,提出了在设计、材料和工艺上系统地解决减振器密封寿命问题的方法。
    Via study on the leakage of seal of oil dampers, the methods to systematically solve the problem of service life of oil damper seal in design, material and technology are given.
  • 高效油膜阻尼器的研究与开发
    Development of an efficient oil film damper for improving the control of rotor vibration
  • 准高速机车油压减振器的研制
    Development of oil damper for quasi-high speed locomotive
  • 双缓冲油缓冲器
    Double Damping Oil Damper Dual Lenses BUFFER CAPACITY
  • 机床主轴系统油膜阻尼器的工作可靠性分析
    Operational Reliability Analysis of Oil Film Damper in Spindle System of Machine Tool
  • 通过硅油减振器台架试验,验证了计算方法的可行性及计算结果的可信性。
    The inertia, stiffness, modal parameters during the compute process is got by finite element method. The test experiments including the silicone oil damper confirm the feasibility of this method and the credibility of the results.
  • 鉴于此,本文根据硅油减振器内部结构特点,提出了根据减振器外壳与内环相位差计算内部阻尼的办法,并建立了相应的数学关系。
    In this paper, a mathematical method is proposed to calculate the inside damp parameter of silicone oil damper according its structure. The method calculates the damper parameter from the phase difference between the damper shell and inside inertia ring.
  • 硅油扭振阻尼器理论分析及实验研究
    A Theoretical and Experimental Study of Silicone Oil Damper
  • 铁路车辆多级拟合线性油压减振器
    A Multi-Stage-Fitted Linear Oil Damper for Railway Vehicles
  • 对滚动导轨系统油膜阻尼的减振效果进行了理论分析计算和试验研究。
    In this study, the durability of actual oil damper was experimentally investigated to evaluate the deterioration of damper.
  • 高速列车可调式线性油压减振器的设计理论与应用研究新型六自由度正交并联机器人设计理论与应用技术研究
    Design Theory Research and Practices on Adjustable Linear Oil Damper for High Speed Railway Vehicles Design Theory and Application Technology for the Novel Types of 6-DOF Orthogonal Parallel Robots
  • 可调式线性油压减振器的许用磨损量研究
    Research on the Wear Allowance of An Adjustable Linear Oil Damper
  • 可调油压减振器的稳健设计
    Robust design of adjustable linear oil damper
  • 介绍了准高速机车用油压减振器的基本工作原理、结构特点及在研制中采用的一些新技术。
    The fundamental principles and structural features of oil damper for the quasi-high speed locomotive are presented in this paper.
  • 油压减振器的油温敏度与散热参数设计研究
    Research on Oil Temperature Dependency and Heat Dispersion Parameter Design of Oil Damper
  • 中央悬挂装置采用外侧悬挂弹性长吊杆、横向油压减振器、自由膜式空气弹簧、抗侧滚扭杆装置、全旁承支重结构及弹性中心销牵引装置等新技术。
    New techniques are applied on the central suspension device, such as the outside suspended elastic long hanger rod, cross oil damper, free film type air spring, rolling resistant torsional bar, fully side bearing loaded structure and elastic center pin traction device.
  • 曲轴硅油减振器匹配计算
    Calculation for Matching Silicone Oil Damper for Crankshaft
  • 然后,研制了宏微系统的耦合阻尼器,完成了宏微系统的搭建、调试和性能测试,并就宏微系统控制模型的有效性和耦合阻尼的作用效果进行了实验验证。
    Then, the coarse-fine stage with damping oil damper has been developed, and the validity of coarse-fine system model and the action effect of coupling damp has been tested through experiments.
  • 计算机模拟计算和试验研究表明,机床滚动支承主轴系统采用复合式油膜阻尼器,可显著提高机床的动态性能。
    Analogue computation and experiments show that employing compound oil film damper in antifriction bearing spindle system will raise significantly the dynamic behavior of machine tool.