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v. 哀悼;忧伤;服丧
mourn - 哀悼,哀痛,对
to mourn - 悼念,哀痛
mourn sb - 哀悼某人
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哀痛, 哀悼; 服丧; 为...哀痛; 悲哀地说; 向...志哀
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  • 为时已晚和哀悼的事实,我的生活也即将结束。
    And too late to mourn the fact that my life was also coming to an end.
  • 谢谢你诚挚的哀悼,并为这些珍贵的人民。
    Thank you for your heartfelt and mourn for these precious people.
  • 这些有什么好哀伤的?
    Is this something to mourn?
  • 当我们认识的人逝世时,我们有必要花些时间来悼念。
    When someone we know dies, we need to take the time to mourn.
  • 我们为失去多座城市而痛心。
    We mourned the loss of our cities
  • 我们偶然对那个失去的天地感到悲痛,不过在我看来,那是感情脆弱多愁善感的表现。
    Occasionally we mourn that lost world, but that, it seems to me, is maudlin and sentimental.
  • 我现在还为你的兄弟奥迪厄斯哀悼。
    I still mourn your brother odius.
  • 举国仍在哀悼之际,南非新任总统也表达了自己的怀念之情。
    As the nation continued to mourn, the new President of South Africa paid his own tribute.
  • 我将不为这损失伤心,也不责怪你。
    And I will not mourn for my loss nor blame you.
  • 我愿和您同声一哭。
    In that case I mourn with you.
  • 今天我们哀悼别人,明天别人哀悼我们。
    Today we mourn; tomorrow we are mourned.
  • “不要为我悲痛,组织起来!”这就是他最后的遗言。
    "Don't mourn for me. organize" these were his last words.
  • 我悲哀这种缓慢、不知不觉的死法,但随后我便停止了哀叹。
    I mourn the slow, insidious way in which I'm dying. But then I stop mourning.
  • 许多人来悼念他们的朋友。
    Many came to mourn their friend.
  • 我们对这所建筑物的破坏都感到痛心。
    We all mourn the destruction of the building.
  • 我们要为他们的丈夫和妻子、子女和父母、以及朋友和爱人而哀悼。
    We mourn with husbands and wives, children and parents, friends and loved ones.
  • 到那时候,有没有很多朋友和亲人为我的离开而哀伤呢?
    Will there be many friends and relatives to mourn my passing as people did for him?
  • 他向他的勇士们致哀。
    He mourned for his valiant men
  • 地上的客商也都为他哭泣悲哀,因为没有人再买他们的货物了;
    And the merchants of the earth weep and mourn for her, since no one buys their cargo anymore.
  • 琼仍在为父亲的死伤心。
    Joan still mourns her father
  • 举国向去世的伟大领袖表示了深深的哀悼。
    The whole nation had mourned the death of their great leader
  • 我要让所有不为你的死亡而哀悼的所有愚蠢的人类带来痛苦。
    I shall bring pain to those fools who did not mourn your death.
  • 你们喜笑的人有祸了,因为你们将要哀恸哭泣!
    Woe to you who laugh now, for you will mourn and weep.
  • 为我的不幸而叹息;
    You mourn my hapless woe;
  • 我们悲悼这孩子的死。
    We mourn over the child's death.
  • 像鸽子咕咕叫,我高兴地哭泣;
    I wept for joy, like a dove I mourn;
  • 我们为失去最爱的妻子,母亲和朋友而哀伤。
    And as we mourn the loss of this beloved wife, mother and friend.
  • 她怀念美好的过去。
    She mourned for the beloved past.
  • 我们常为失去古老的习俗而惋惜。
    We are all inclined to mourn the passing of old institutions.
  • 我母亲和我将用余生来悼念我的父亲。
    My mother and I will mourn my father for the rest of our lives.