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n. 液体,流体;流音
adj. 液体的;清澈的;明亮的;易变的
liquid - 液体,液体货物,液态
Liquid Crystal - 液晶,液晶,液态晶体
liquid oxygen - 液氧,液态氧,高氧液
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  • 要大量饮水。
    Drink plenty of liquid
  • 用洗衣液加温水洗。
    Wash in warm water with liquid detergent.
  • 这些伤口可能会利索地愈合,也可能会分泌出一种透明的液体。
    The wounds may heal cleanly or they may ooze a clear liquid.
  • 慢慢将液体倒入面粉,同时用木勺轻轻地将两者搅在一起。
    Gradually pour the liquid into the flour, working it in carefully with a wooden spoon
  • 滚烫的液体正好溅进了他的右眼。
    The burning liquid hit him full in the right eye
  • 把液体放在大而宽的容器里加热,不要用高而窄的,否则液体沸腾后会溢出来。
    Heat the liquid in a large, wide container rather than a high narrow one, or it can boil over.
  • 用小炖锅炖,收一半汤汁。
    Boil the liquid in a small saucepan to reduce it by half
  • 在特定温度下固体会变成液体。
    Solids turn to liquids at certain temperatures.
  • 一两天里主要吃流质食物可能会有好处。
    A predominantly liquid diet for a day or two may be helpful
  • 有些工厂将生产废水向海中倾泻。
    Liquid waste flows out from some factories into the sea.
  • 氟利昂有液态和气态两种形态。
    Freon exists both in liquid and gaseous states.
  • 你给这混合物加进了过多的液体。
    You have added too much liquid to the mixture.
  • 然后液体被稀释。
    The liquid is then diluted
  • 拿掉盖子并把所有液体都烧干。
    Remove the lid and boil away all the liquid
  • 这家银行有充足的流动资产来维持经营。
    The bank had sufficient liquid assets to continue operations.
  • 物质以三种形态存在:固态、液态和气态。
    Matter exists in three states: solid, liquid and gas.
  • 云是悬在空气中的水滴形成的。
    Clouds are formed from drops of liquid hanging in the air.
  • 脂肪在室温下为固态,油在室温下为液态。
    Fats are solid at room temperature, and oil is liquid at room temperature.
  • 电极浸没在液体中。
    The electrodes are immersed in liquid.
  • 这很像把手浸入挥发性液体后的那种凉飕飕的感觉。
    It is like the sense of chill that follows immersion of the hand in a volatile liquid.
  • 我们发现了一个囊肿,我把其中的液体吸了出来。
    We found a cyst and I suctioned off the liquid within.
  • 把汤面倒进上菜用的碗中。
    Empty the noodles and liquid into a serving bowl
  • 将一块小毛巾浸在液体中,拧干后敷在腹部。
    Soak a small towel in the liquid, wring it out, then apply to the abdomen.
  • 它们当然需要吸收大量液体。
    They will certainly need to take in plenty of liquid.
  • 煮20分钟,直到液体体积减半。
    Boil for 20 minutes until the liquid has reduced by half
  • 滚烫的液体泼在水泥地面上又溅了起来。
    The hot liquid splashed down on the concrete and rebounded.
  • 我想吃点稀的。
    I'd like to have some liquid food.
  • 从该液体中最先逸出的气泡是空气和氢的混合物。
    The first bubbles to escape from the liquid are a mixture of air and hydrogen.
  • 压缩气体经冷却凝结成液态。
    The compressed gas is cooled and condenses into a liquid
  • 一切物质,不论它们是气体、液体还是固体,都是由原子构成的。
    All substances, whether they are gaseous, liquid or solid, are made of atoms.