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n. 高级快车
adj. 有限的
limited - 有限的,有限公司,限定
Limited express - 特别急行列车,特快,特别快车
limited partner - 有限合伙人,有限责任合伙人,有限合股人
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有限制的, 少的, 有限的
限制; 限定
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  • 它们的生产数量有限。
    They are produced in limited quantities.
  • 目前,我们已经发表了一些有力的声明,但只采取了有限的行动。
    So far we have had ringing declarations, but only limited action.
  • 小孩子的注意力持续时间十分有限,不能长时间地专注于一个活动。
    Young children have a limited attention span and can't concentrate on one activity for very long.
  • 如果保修有限制,根据条款你也许可以要求退换或者退款。
    If the warranty is limited, the terms may entitle you to a replacement or refund
  • 多趟列车被取消,其他线路上运行的班次也很有限。
    Many trains have been cancelled and a limited service is operating on other lines
  • 可惜的是,我的时间有限。
    Unfortunately, my time is limited
  • 他是国际体育管理有限公司的创始人。
    He is the founder of International Sports Management Limited.
  • 人类的变异受限于我们的基因可能存在哪些排列。
    Variation among humans is limited to the possible permutations of our genes.
  • 这个协议规定该地区享有有限的自治权。
    The agreement gives the territory limited self-rule.
  • 你是专家,而我是个能力有限的愚笨牧师。
    I'm a limited and obtuse clergyman while you're the expert.
  • 生产中的故障影响了该厂的产量。
    Manufacturing glitches have limited the factory's output.
  • 他们依赖数量非常有限的外销产品。
    They are reliant on a very limited number of exportable products.
  • 因场地有限,他们只展出了部分产品。
    They displayed only a part of their products because space was limited.
  • 伦敦办事处的工作人员给予了帮助,但他们掌握的信息有限。
    The staff in the London office are helpful but only have limited information
  • 由于版面有限,我们不能保证把回复登载出来。
    We can't promise to publish a reply as space is limited.
  • 电影行业对女演员来说机会有限。
    Film is a business with limited opportunities for actresses
  • 如果您对此项保险有什么疑问,请与旅行保险服务有限公司联系。
    If you have any queries about this insurance, please contact Travel Insurance Services Limited.
  • 汽车使用数目有限制。
    A limited number of cars is available.
  • 个人的力量毕竟是有限的。
    After all, individual strength is limited.
  • 车辆准许进入,但是车位有限。
    Cars allowed, but parking is limited.
  • 海军在平息这场叛乱的过程中起到了有限但却十分重要的作用。
    The navy played a limited but significant role in defeating the rebellion
  • 商店里的选择非常有限。
    Shops have a very limited selection.
  • 他们计划将这个俱乐部变为一家股份有限公司。
    They had plans to turn the club into a limited company
  • 他对该国外债的偿还作出了限制。
    He limited payments on the country's foreign debt
  • 我们能够给予的关怀、关爱和关注是有限的。
    Our capacity for giving care, love and attention is limited
  • 这水库给村民们带来的好处不止是在农业方面。
    The benefit which the reservoir brings to the villagers is not limited to agriculture.
  • 选民削减了市政会委员的薪酬,并且限定他们每人只配一个工作人员。
    Voters cut councillors 'pay and limited them to one staff member each.
  • 美洲大陆的地形严重限制了进攻路线。
    The American continent's geography severely limited the lines of attack
  • 我有限的外交手腕儿受到了极其严峻的考验。
    My limited diplomatic skills were tested to the utmost
  • 他们可能只有有限的时间来说明自己的意思。
    They may only have a limited amount of time to get their points across