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n. 限制;限度;界线
vt. 限制;限定
Limit - 极限,限制,限度
Vertical Limit - 垂直极限,终极天险,巅峰极限
limit order - 限价盘,限价指令,限价委托
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极限 / 限制 / 边界 / 界限
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限制; 限定
界限; 限制; 限度
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  • 他对该国外债的偿还作出了限制。
    He limited payments on the country's foreign debt
  • 大会可限制每一发言者的发言时间。
    The General Assembly may limit the time to be allowed to each speaker.
  • 他们发现,就收入和事业成功来讲,多高都有可能的。
    They have found that, in terms of both salary and career success, the sky is the limit.
  • 每天食用多少新鲜水果都可以。
    There is no limit to how much fresh fruit you can eat in a day
  • 他承认自己超速了。
    He accepts he was exceeding the speed limit
  • 我们可能会斟酌改变限额,有任何变动将通知您。
    We may vary the limit at our discretion and will notify you of any change
  • 潜水员下潜到超过危险线的深水中去了。
    The diver went into the deep water beyond the danger limit.
  • 球队在规定时间内必须要投篮。
    A time limit was set for a team to shoot at the basket.
  • 我们已经把索赔期限延长到了7月30日。
    We have extended the time limit for claims until July 30.
  • 抗议活动不只限于纽约。
    The protests were not limited to New York
  • 3个月的限期截至6月中旬。
    The three month time limit will be up in mid-June
  • 现在人们已经接受,男性一周饮酒量不应超过20个单位。
    It is now accepted that men should limit themselves to 20 units of alcohol a week
  • 由于赢得了极大的支持,我们将无往不胜。
    There is no limit to what can be achieved here because of the fantastic support we command.
  • 她对他的爱经受着极其严峻的考验。
    Her love for him was being tested to its limits
  • 她不得不在相当紧张的预算范围内精打细算。
    She has to work within the limits of a fairly tight budget
  • 沉船方圆一英里内仍然禁止进入。
    A one-mile area around the wreck is still off limits
  • 他公布了限制货币供应的严厉措施。
    He announced tough measures to limit the money supply.
  • 他勾画了英国的势力范围。
    He outlined the limits of British power.
  • 我想知道我是在什么地方超速而受到处罚的。
    I want to know at what point I break the speed limit and get a ticket.
  • 这些建筑禁止普通公民入内。
    These establishments are off limits to ordinary citizens.
  • 要达到这个限度,还有很多技术问题必须解决。
    In order to reach this limit a number of technical problems will have to be solved.
  • 在这种情况下,我们会把能告诉你的都告诉你,当然这是有限度的,而且需要保密。
    In the circumstances we'll tell you what we can, within limits, of course, and in confidence.
  • 火势在这个遭受旱灾的州里迅速蔓延,消防队员疲于应对,接近极限。
    Firefighters are being stretched to the limit as fire sweeps through the drought-stricken state.
  • 如果警察对我作呼气测醉试验,发现我饮酒过量,我将会被禁驾很长时间。
    If police breathalyse me and find I am over the limit I face a long ban
  • 经济部长宣布了对石油销售的限制。
    The economic affairs minister announced limits on petrol sales.
  • 我们忍耐到了极点。
    Our patience has been taxed to the limit.
  • 选民削减了市政会委员的薪酬,并且限定他们每人只配一个工作人员。
    Voters cut councillors 'pay and limited them to one staff member each.
  • 这次抽奖只限英国公民参加。
    Entry to this prize draw is limited to UK residents.
  • 我觉得有年龄限制,不过我得去核实一下。
    I think there is an age limit, but I'd have to check