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n. 知识分子;凭理智做事者
adj. 智力的;聪明的;理智的
intellectual - 知识分子,智力的,过渡的
intellectual capital - 智力资本,智慧资本,智慧资本
intellectual history - 思想史,心智史,思想文化史
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智力的, 聪明的, 知性的
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  • 如果我不能按自己的意愿写作和发表文字,我如何称自己为一个知识分子?
    How can I call myself an intellectual if I can't write and publish words as I wish?
  • 我没有国籍, 对于知识分子而言这可能是最好的状况。
    I have no nationality - the best possible status for an intellectual.
  • 你是否已经对医改反对者那客套的讨论和理智的诚实留下了深刻印象?
    Have you been impressed by the civility of the discussion and the intellectual honesty of reform opponents?
  • 我们以为他是个知识分子。
    We thought he was an intellectual.
  • 版权和商业秘密在历史上一直是软件知识产权的主要保护机制,它们仍然是最好的解决方案。
    Copyright and trade secrets have historically been the primary protection mechanisms for software intellectual property, and they are still the best solutions.
  • 牛顿是一个智力巨人。
    Newton was an intellectual giant.
  • 他们用自己的经历来帮助听众对资源和影响它们的问题建立理智的和情感的联系,同时他们也亲自投身到那些资源中。
    They spend their careers helping audiences develop intellectual and emotional connections to resources and the issues that affect them, and they are personally invested in those resources as well.
  • 如果你喜欢的是聪明的女孩子,那么你可以试着去发现她到底有多聪明!
    If you’re looking for a smart girl, then try to find out how intellectual she is !
  • 因此,对于传染病和穷人的疾病,知识产权保护不应该是首先考虑的事项。
    So for infectious diseases and diseases of the poor, intellectual property protection should not be the prime consideration.
  • 她也正在寻找一位“天使”投资者,但是当你没有知识产权的时候,这是很艰难的,所以她必须向绿色环保方面发展。
    She is looking for an “angel” investor but this is tough when you have no intellectual property, so she may have to grow organically.
  • 对确定性的渴求是人类的一种自然需求,然而它也是一种理智的恶习。
    The demand for certainty is one which is natural to man, but is nevertheless an intellectual vice.
  • 我用音乐检验我的情感生活,我知识生活用来写作,但宗教是我寻找灵魂的地方。
    I check my emotional life with music, my intellectual life with writing, but religion is where I soul-search.
  • 如果能在转型浪潮中幸存,这不仅对股东来说是好事,对知识时代也是件好事。
    So it would be good, not just for their shareholders but also for intellectual life, if they survived.
  • 为什么我们要担忧传染病和穷人疾病的知识产权保护问题呢?
    Why should we worry about intellectual property protection for infectious diseases and diseases of the poor?
  • 现在关心大学文科教育的重要性也许意味着患了智力贫血症。
    Perhaps the present concern with the values of liberal arts education portends an intellectual anemia.
  • 在我看来,整个“工作重点”问题的重点是知识分子的怯懦——这种说法批评奥巴马总统的纪录却不解释到底因该采取什么不同的方案。
    The whole focus on “focus” is, as I see it, an act of intellectual cowardice — a way to criticize President Obama’s record without explaining what you would have done differently.
  • 你是个什么样的人和你想做什么样的人:智力如何,创造力如何,社会能力如何,运动能力如何?
    What kind of person are you, and what kind of person do you want to be: how intellectual, how creative, how social, how athletic?
  • 我们认为,贸易协议需要包含对工人、环境、知识产权和创新的严格保护。
    We believe trade agreements need to include strong protections for workers, the environment, intellectual property, and innovation.
  • 由于这些讨论几乎不可避免地会转向价格、专利、知识产权保护和竞争问题,情况更是这样。
    This is all the more so since these discussions almost inevitably turn to questions of prices, patents, intellectual property protection, and competition.
  • 我们都想要变强大,无论这种强大是在身体上、情感上还是在智力上,而且,我们中的绝大多数人都想要自我完善,赢得别人的钦佩。
    We’d all like to be stronger. Whether that strength be physical, emotional or intellectual, most of us have an area in which we’d like to improve and have others admire.