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n. 产业;工业;勤勉
Industry - 工业,产业,产业
heavy industry - 重工业,重工業,年工程项目
automobile industry - 汽车产业,汽车工业,汽车业
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工业 / 企业 / 专题研究 / 勤奋
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工业, 产业, 企业
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  • 勤奋和机遇是他成功的两大因素。
    Industry and opportunity were the chief factors in his success.
  • 该国的电子产业今年取得了重大进步,平衡了贸易差额。
    The nation's electronics industry made important strides this year to even up its balance of trade
  • 故意忽略我们的制造业引起了这个问题。
    Wilful neglect of our manufacturing industry has caused this problem
  • 工业研究属贸易和工业部的职责范围。
    Industrial research is the province of the Department of Trade and Industry.
  • 农业迅速发展,从而为轻工业提供了充足的原料。
    Agriculture has developed rapidly, thus providing light industry with ample raw materials.
  • 乌克兰的工业和农业都很发达。
    The Ukraine is strong both in industry and agriculture.
  • 他成了烟草业的强烈反对者。
    He became a fierce critic of the tobacco industry
  • 物流目前在我们这一行比技术还重要。
    Logistics is now more important in our industry than technology.
  • 数十亿美元的健身产业利用我们的爱美之心赚取巨额利润。
    The multibillion-dollar fitness industry rakes in fat profits from our hunger to look good.
  • 让人期待已久的研究遭到了烟草行业的批评。
    The long-anticipated study drew criticism from the tobacco industry.
  • 英国需要弥合学术界和企业界之间的技术差距。
    Britain needs to bridge the technology gap between academia and industry.
  • 美国航空和航天工业已经受到某种强劲的竞争产品的挑战。
    The American aerospace industry has been challenged by some stiff competition.
  • 这绝对是该产业建立这样一个体系的最后机会了。
    This is positively the last chance for the industry to establish such a system.
  • 只有农业发展了,工业才有足够的原料和市场。
    Only when agriculture is fully developed can industry have sufficient materials and markets.
  • 中国工业正以空前的速度发展。
    China's industry is developing at an unprecedented rate.
  • 随着工业的迅速发展,产生了污染问题。
    The problem of pollution arises along with the rapid development of industry.
  • 食品工业的发展有赖于农业的发展。
    The development of the food industry depends on that of agriculture.
  • 行业领袖希望科学家从事基础性研究,而非应用性研究。
    Industry leaders want scientists to engage in fundamental research, not applied research.
  • 轻工业和农业密切相关。
    Light industry is closely related to agriculture.
  • 某些情况下,美国工业在产品设计上忽略了客户的需求。
    In some cases, US industry has lost sight of customer needs in designing products
  • 这笔钱准备用于旅游业的开发。
    This money is intended for the development of the tourist industry
  • 借款的高成本抑制了企业对新设备的投资。
    The high cost of borrowing is inhibiting investment by industry in new equipment.
  • 1991年,政府给整个工业规定了质量标准。
    In 1991 the government set quality standards for the entire industry.
  • 一些加勒比黑人在抵制整个种族关系运动。
    Some Afro-Caribbeans are rejecting the whole race relations industry
  • 研究投入不足让英国工业深受其害。
    British industry suffers through insufficient investment in research.
  • 全世界的航空航天工业都感受到了经济衰退的寒意。
    The world's entire aerospace industry is feeling the chill winds of recession.
  • 该行业不适合该地区当前和未来的需要。
    The industry is inappropriate to the region's present and future needs
  • 这个地区工业发达。
    The industry of this district is flourishing.
  • 没人怀疑他的能力、勤奋和正直。
    No one doubted his ability, his industry or his integrity.
  • 工业和农业是国民经济的两个重要部门。
    Industry and agriculture are the two important sectors of the national economy.