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n. [化学] 氢
hydrogen - 氢气,氢,氢
hydrogen bond - 氢键,氢键一种弱键,以氢为引
Hydrogen economy - 氢经济,氢经济,氢能经济
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  • 概述了铝熔体除氢方法和技术的分类、特点和发展现状,并对其发展趋势进行了展望。
    The classification, characteristics and current situation for method and technology of aluminum melt hydrogen removal has been summarized.
  • 定性分析表明水是由氢氧结合而成的。
    Qualitative analysis shows that water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen.
  • 氢是一价的元素。
    Hydrogen is a one-valence element.
  • 锌置换了稀酸中的氢。
    Zinc displaces the hydrogen of dilute acids.
  • 碳原子的四个价电子都各与氢原子的一个价电子共用。
    Each of the four valency electrons of the carbon atom is shared with one of a hydrogen atom.
  • 水由氢和氧的原子构成。
    Water is made up of atoms of hydrogen and oxygen.
  • 最简单的共价键分子由两个氢原子组成。
    The simplest covalently bonded molecule is formed from two hydrogen atoms.
  • 常见的有毒气体有二氧化硫、甲烷、氧化氮、氨、硫化氢、氰化氢以及最常见的一氧化碳。
    Among the common toxic gases are sulfur dioxide, methane, the oxides of nitrogen, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and hydrogen cyanide; and ( most commonly) carbon monoxide.
  • 水是含有氢元素和氧元素的化合物。
    Water is a compound containing the elements hydrogen and oxygen.
  • 氢和氧是水的主要成分。
    Hydrogen and oxygen are the constituents of water.
  • 过氧化氢酶催化过氧化氢的分解。
    Catalase catalyes the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide.
  • 碳、氢、氧化合形成碳水化合物和脂肪。
    Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen combine chemically to form carbohydrates and fats
  • 锆可以和水反应,产生氧化锆和氢气。
    The zirconium can react with water to produce zirconium oxide and hydrogen.
  • 现在我填充了分子氢。
    And now I have to fill this molecular hydrogen.
  • 水由氢与氧化合而成。
    Water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen.
  • 从该液体中最先逸出的气泡是空气和氢的混合物。
    The first bubbles to escape from the liquid are a mixture of air and hydrogen.
  • 可是,为什么是水,而不是双氧水或是氨水呢?
    But why water and not, say, hydrogen peroxide or even ammonia?
  • 他们的牢房里有大量的硫化氢气体。
    They'd have a lot of hydrogen sulfide gas bound up in their cells.
  • 这个简单的水分子由一个氧原子和两个氢原子构成。
    This simple molecule consists of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms.
  • 酸在水中溶解时可生成带正电荷的氢原子。
    Acids produce positively charged hydrogen atoms when dissolved in water.
  • 水含有氢和氧。
    Water contains hydrogen and oxygen.
  • 有的气球是用氢气充填的,有的则用氦气。
    Some balloons are filled with hydrogen, some with helium.
  • 后生阶段以氢减少必然导致h/d比率降低为特征。
    Catagensis is marked by a loss of hydrogen, and consequently by a decrease of the h/ c ratio.
  • 水可分解为氢和氧。
    Water can be resolved [ decomposed] into hydrogen and oxygen.
  • 氢气泄漏迫使美国国家航空航天局停止了航天飞机的发射。
    A hydrogen leak forced NASA to ground the space shuttle.
  • 他们试验了一颗氢弹。
    They have tested a hydrogen bomb.
  • 它研究了过氧化氢对亚硝酸的作用。
    It has studied the action of hydrogen peroxide on nitrous acid.
  • 氧气、氢气和氮气都是气体。
    Oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen are all gases.
  • 氢和氧化合成为水。
    Hydrogen combines chemically with oxygen to form water.