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n. 青蛙;[铁路] 辙叉;饰扣
vi. 捕蛙
n. (Frog)人名;(俄)弗罗格
frog - 青蛙,辙叉,田鸡
Leap Frog - 蛙棋,跳跳蛙,跳山羊
Pig Frog - 美国青蛙,美国青蛙
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蛙, 青蛙; 法国佬; 饰扣; 辙叉
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  • 青蛙的蝌蚪能够发出声音这一发现,也提高了许多其他水生动物幼仔以同样方式沟通的可能性。
    The discovery that frog tadpoles can make sounds also raises the possibility that a host of aquatic larvae communicate in a similar way.
  • 我们还需要给小孩们买一条塑料小蛇和一个玩具大青蛙。
    We also need a small plastic snake and a big toy frog for the kids.
  • 直到这两位平静下来,我才又睡过去。 她自吟自唱,而小青蛙心满意足地打鼾。
    No sleep returned until the two fell quiet, she humming to herself while the little frog snored contentedly.
  • 当初,怀疑论如同蛙汤的香味逐渐消失。
    At first, skepticism lingered like the aroma of frog soup.
  • 如果早晨第一件事就是吃一只活青蛙,那么余下的一天便不会有更糟的事发生了。
    Eat one live frog the first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you for the rest of the day.
  • 在一个大池塘生活是美好的! 也许这是相当沉闷这里,'思想愚蠢的青蛙。
    Life in a large pond is wonderful!' 'Perhaps it is rather dull here,' thought the foolish frog.
  • 蝌蚪会变成青蛙。
    A tadpole metamorphoses into a frog.
  • 一天,青蛙妈妈叫住儿子,她要告诉他一些事情。
    One day, the Mother frog called for her son to tell him something.
  • 青蛙收集和鉴别又给加重了我们的困难。
    Frog collections and identifications add an additional level of difficulty.
  • 它们被发现拥有众多颜色,这使它们成为最美丽的青蛙物种之一。
    They are found in a multitude of colours making them the most beautiful frog specie.
  • 但是青蛙落下时,看到它的样子,她大感惊讶!
    But as he fell, how surprised she was to see the frog!
  • 2010年1月宣布的一个雨蛙新品种,它蹲伏在厄瓜多尔丛林里的一片叶子上。
    A new species, announced January 2010, of rain frog crouches on a leaf in its forest home in Ecuador.
  • 这只青蛙突然伸出舌头捕捉蚊子。
    The frog darted out its tongue to catch a mosquito.
  • 她回答说:“哦,我会给你任何东西,亲爱的青蛙。
    "Oh, I will give you anything, dear frog, " she replied.
  • 你还记得那次你妈妈在浴缸里发现那些青蛙的事吗?
    Remember that time your mom found those frog in the bathtub ?
  • 她真的很害怕这只冰冷的青蛙。
    She was really afraid of the cold frog.
  • ——毒箭蛙身上鲜艳的色彩和标记,警告了食肉动物,它们与死亡之间的承诺;这个实现过程是很明确的。
    The vibrant color and markings of the poison dart frog warns off predators with the promise of death; fulfillment here is clear.
  • 尽管还未申请专利,但这种青蛙是科学家研究成功的第一种四脚,透明的动物。
    Though not yet patented, the frog is the first four-legged, see-through animal to be bred by scientists.
  • 也许男人以为女人都看过《青蛙王子》的故事并铭记在心,于是我们女人可以追寻男人的内在美而忽略男人的丑陋外表。
    Maybe men think women have all read "The Frog Prince" and taken it to heart, allowing us to look past an ugly exterior in the search for inner beauty.
  • 这个蝌蚪已长成青蛙。
    The tadpole has become a frog.
  • 她真的很害怕这只冰冷的青蛙。
    She was really of the cold frog.
  • 她开始不再叫我小家伙了,但给我起了别的昵称,如青蛙或蟾蜍,小狗,玩具和玫瑰什么的。
    She began not just to call me Kid, but gave me other attributes and diminutives, such as frog or Toad, Puppy, Toy, and Rose.