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adj. 免费的;自由的,不受约束的;[化学] 游离的
vt. 使自由,解放;释放
adv. 自由地;免费
n. (Free)人名;(英)弗里
Free - 自由,免费,FREE (ERIKA)
Free! - Free!,Free!,프리!
free software - 自由软件,自由软体,自由软件
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未受困的 / 未受缚的 / 未受监禁的 / 未受奴役的
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自由地; 免费
自由的; 免费的; 大方的
释放, 使自由, 解放
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  • 消防员花了两个小时才把传动带切断,把他救了出来。
    It took firemen two hours to cut through the drive belt to free him
  • 他们在刚进门处的唯一一张空桌子边坐下。
    They took the only free table, which was just inside the door.
  • 选举是自由公正的。
    The elections were free and fair
  • 这位30岁的明星正试图从他的唱片合约中脱身。
    The 30-year-old star is trying to free himself from his recording contract.
  • 他担心在取消国家补助之前,俄罗斯将根本不会有真正自由的媒体。
    He fears that until state subsidies are removed, Russia will never have a truly free press
  • 政府将可不受限制地实行其经济政策。
    The government will be free to pursue its economic policies
  • 更多的平民在为警察部门工作,使得警员从文案中解脱出来。
    There were more civilians working for the police, freeing officers from desk jobs.
  • 过滤系统使得全体人员能够呼吸到没有烟雾的清新空气。
    The filtration system provides the crew with clean air free from fumes.
  • 研讨会不收会务费,而且还提供午餐。
    The seminars are free, with lunch provided.
  • 它会使我们摆脱巨额债务。
    It will free us of a whole lot of debt
  • 没有对狗加以约束而让它们四处乱跑,结果有48只羊被咬死。
    Dogs were allowed to roam free and 48 sheep were killed.
  • 我并没有指望你白干。
    I wasn't expecting you to do it for free
  • 他和迪斯尼的协议很快就要到期,这样他就可以腾出身来发展自己的项目了。
    His deal with Disney will run out shortly, freeing him to pursue his own project
  • 她保持着苗条的身材,脸上也没有皱纹。
    She retains her slim figure and is free of wrinkles
  • 列车上只剩下一个空座。
    There was only one seat free on the train
  • 午餐时间我总是有空。
    I am always free at lunchtime.
  • 工具腰带解放了双手,还减少了锤子掉落的风险。
    Toolbelts free both hands and lessen the risk of dropping hammers
  • 恶劣的天气情况使得把那艘船拉离钻塔的努力很难奏效。
    The severe conditions hampered attempts to pull the vessel free of the rig
  • 他一只手抓起电话听筒,另一只手去摸床头灯的开关。
    He snatched up the receiver and his free hand groped for the switch on the bedside lamp
  • 以色列准备释放更多的黎巴嫩犯人。
    Israel is set to free more Lebanese prisoners
  • 这项法案有明确的目的,即保护被解放的奴隶免受白人暴民的伤害。
    The act had a specific intent, to protect freed slaves from white mobs.
  • 过去我经常在课余时间写作。
    I used to write during my free periods at school
  • 他们并不是一直都如此好为人师。
    They weren't always so free with their advice
  • 经济学家认为更加自由的市场将使这个地区的经济迅速复苏。
    Economists argued that freer markets would quickly revive the region's economy
  • 他以自由之身走出了法院。
    He walked from the court house a free man
  • 目前已有90多名犯人因为一项政府特赦获得自由。
    More than ninety prisoners have been set free so far under a government amnesty.
  • 他抽出胳膊,大步朝门走去。
    He pulled his arm free, and strode for the door
  • 开始吧。请便。
    Go right ahead. Feel free
  • 不管怎样我都要说:我受不了他。
    I'll tell you one thing for free: I can't stand him.
  • 她空闲的时候就去购物。
    She spent her free time shopping