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adj. 可行的;可能的;可实行的
feasible - 可行的,行得通,切实可行的
feasible set - 可行集,可行域,可能集
feasible direction - 可行方向,可行方向法,容许方向
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能实行的, 适宜的, 可行的
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  • 实现这些目的的条约,可能是促使印度、巴基斯坦和以色列加入裁军进程,进而向不扩散制度靠拢的最可行的途径。
    Treaties achieving these objectives may be the most feasible ways to bring India, Pakistan, and Israel into the disarmament process, and therefore closer to the nonproliferation regime.
  • 这是完全可行的。
    This is entirely feasible.
  • 而且这对毫无经验的年轻人来说也更为可行。
    And it`s more feasible for young people without any experience.
  • 唯一可行的方式就是在一艘船上堆放更多的集装箱。
    The only feasible way to do that is pile more containers on one ship.
  • 如果你认为这种通过增加你的成就和空闲时间来减少压力的做法不可行,那么现在正是改变你这种观点的时候了!
    If you believe that increasing your results and your free time while reducing your stress levels is not feasible, it is high time to change your vision!
  • 世卫组织完全同意粮农组织和国际兽疫局的观点,即在野鸟种群中控制禽流感感染既不可行也不应尝试。
    WHO fully agrees with FAO and OIE that control of avian influenza infection in wild bird populations is not feasible and should not be attempted.
  • 该公司表示,如果国会通过控制二氧化碳排放这一项法律,并且新技术证明了它在经济上的可行性,它可能将进一步吸收多达90%的气体。
    Should Congress pass a law controlling carbon dioxide emissions and the new technology proves economically feasible, the company says, it could then move to capture as much as 90 percent of the gas.
  • 如果软件指导委员会认为项目是可行的,那么这个项目进入到分析阶段,否则就取消项目。
    If the software steering committee considers the project feasible, then the project proceeds to the analysis phase, otherwise, the project is ended.
  • 但我怎么知道这样可行呢?
    But how do I know this is feasible?
  • 在可行的地方,它可以连接到核心代码和其他平台中。
    It is ported back into core code and other platforms, where feasible.
  • 你的提议在一定程度上是可行的。
    To some extent, what you came up with is feasible.
  • 第一部分是让残疾人亲自测试,以证明这是一项他们可以从中受益的可行性技术。
    First is testing with real patients, so as to demonstrate that this is a feasible technology they can benefit from.
  • 是否可行, 请斟酌。
    Please consider if this is feasible.
  • 但它至少对富国而言在财政和政治上是可行的。
    Yet it would at least be feasible, fiscally and politically, for rich ones.
  • 中心即所有具有中心特性的可行的资源配置方式的合集。
    The core is the set of all feasible allocations with the core property.
  • 我向你保证,他们没有,而且他们也没有可行的办法做到这一点。
    I assure you, they don’t and there is no feasible way they ever will.
  • 这种方式在当时是可行的,因为那时候的百岁老人还比较罕见,不过在更远的未来就没这回事了。
    This is just about feasible at the moment, when centenarians are still comparatively rare, but it will not be the case for much longer.
  • 结果表明这个问题没有对偶的可行方案,不过这是什么意思呢?
    It says that the problem has no dual feasible solution, but what does that mean?
  • 这是因为,将企业数据合并到专用数据栈或数据仓库之内并不总是可行。
    This is because it is not always feasible to consolidate enterprise data into a data mart or warehouse.
  • 大家认为这个建议是可行的。
    We all think this proposal feasible.
  • 他想出一个可行的计划。
    He thought out a feasible plan.
  • 简言之,技术文件确定哪里需要优先行动,而考虑到关于气候风险和粮食安全的现有知识,哪些行动是最可行的。
    In short, the Technical Document identifies where priority action is needed and most feasible taking into account the available knowledge on climate risk and food security.
  • 在上面的第一个可行域中,优化解决方案是解析空间中的右顶点,而这个解析空间是一个由所有约束构成的三角形。
    In the first feasible region above, the optimal solution is the right vertex of the solution space, which is a triangle made by all the constraints.
  • 那是一个可行的方案。
    That is a feasible scheme.