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n. 远方
adj. 远的;久远的
adv. 很;遥远地;久远地;到很远的距离;到很深的程度
n. (Far)人名;(德、西、塞)法尔
far - 远的,认假率,远远
far from - 远非,远离,阔别
Far East - 远东,远东,远东地区
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很远地, 很晚地, 很
远的; 遥远的; 久远的
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  • 吃新鲜蔬菜多的女性患焦虑症或抑郁症的几率要小很多。
    Women who eat plenty of fresh vegetables are far less likely to suffer anxiety or depression
  • 6个月以后的事情我就无法预见了。
    I can't see any farther than the next six months
  • 他们的忠诚只能到这个程度。
    Their loyalty only went so far
  • 他转到屋子的那一头。
    He had wandered to the far end of the room
  • 波塔基特离普罗维登斯有多远?
    How far is Pawtucket from Providence?
  • 志愿者来自四面八方。
    Volunteers came from far and wide
  • 影片讲述的巴恩斯·沃利斯的故事有多少真实的成分?
    How far did the film tell the truth about Barnes Wallis?
  • 现在极右派比极左派威胁更大。
    The far right is now a greater threat than the extreme left
  • 俄罗斯议院在实施自己的计划时到底会采取怎样的极端措施尚不明了。
    It's still not clear how far the Russian parliament will go to implement its own plans
  • 在他弥留人世的最后几天里,疼痛似乎止住了,但那时他已奄奄一息,不再感到丝毫安慰。
    In his last few days the pain seemed to have stopped, but by then he was so far gone that it was no longer any comfort
  • 显然,他们所记录的很多根本不是事实。
    It was obvious that much of what they recorded was far from the truth
  • 据我所知,它仅仅维持了两三年。
    It only lasted a couple of years, as far as I know
  • 到现在为止还算安静。
    It's been quiet so far
  • 他的减税方案还算不错,但并不足以促使经济再次发展。
    His plan for tax relief is fine as far as it goes but will not be sufficient to get the economy moving again.
  • 患有诵读困难症并不意味着智力低下。两者相差甚远。
    Being dyslexic does not mean that one is unintelligent. Far from it.
  • 我知道有家不错的意大利小餐馆离这儿不远。
    I know a nice little Italian restaurant not far from here
  • 对他们来说最重要的无疑就是失业问题。
    By far the most important issue for them is unemployment
  • 在我看来,那就是问题所在。
    That's the problem as far as I can see
  • 我的两个姐姐都搬得离家更远了。
    Both of my sisters moved even farther away from home
  • 到目前为止,两位首相还没有取得实质性成果。
    Thus far, the two prime ministers have achieved no concrete results.
  • 当然,目前情况还算不错,但这也只是一步而已。
    Of course, it's a case of so far, so good, but it's only one step.
  • “这听上去像音乐吗?”——“我可不那样认为。”
    'Does it sound like music?' — 'I wouldn't go that far.'
  • 他们来自遥远的佛罗里达州。
    They came from as far away as Florida
  • 他仍然是我们最最优秀的人才。
    He's still far and away the best we have.
  • 讨论一直没多大进展。
    Discussions never progressed very far
  • 记住这三条金律,就不会错到哪儿。
    If you remember these three golden rules you won't go far wrong.
  • 不是我要挑理,他们的母亲难道就不应该负点责任吗?
    Far be it from me to criticise, but shouldn't their mother take a share of the blame?
  • 我花了很长时间在英国徒步漫游,从苏格兰的最北端一直走到康沃尔。
    I've spent a lot of time walking around Britain from the far north of Scotland down to Cornwall
  • 我过去的估计大致正确。
    I hadn't been far wrong in my estimate
  • 我对迈克尔·鲍尔的才华印象非常深刻,他将来会前途无量。
    I was very impressed with the talent of Michael Ball. He will go far.