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adj. 广泛的;大量的;广阔的
Extensive - 广泛,广阔,广大
extensive management - 粗放式管理,粗放经营,粗放式治理
extensive form - 粗放型,扩展形式,集约型
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广的, 多方面的, 广泛的
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  • 所以我希望这次访问有助于在所有这些领域与中国发展更广泛深入的合作伙伴关系建立一个基础。
    So I hope this visit will help create a foundation for deeper and more extensive partnership with China in all those fields.
  • 如果上下文切换的值非常高,则增加时间切片可提高性能,但这必须在经过大量分析之后才能实施。
    If the value of context switching is very high, increasing the time slice can improve performance, but this should only be done after extensive analysis.
  • 事实是,如果您将您对 JSF 的观点建立在它无可否认的广泛规范上 —— 以及它的所有生命周期图表和图片 —— 那么该技术很容易让您发怵。
    The fact is, if you based your opinion of JSF on its admittedly extensive specification -- with all its lifecycle diagrams and pictures -- then the technology could easily scare the mess out of you.
  • 在亚洲其他地区的广泛经历帮助他克服了文化障碍。
    His extensive experience in other parts of Asia helped him to overcome cultural barriers.
  • 在一个真正的应用程序中,您可能希望做更广泛的错误检查以确保记录的正确性。
    In a real application, you want to do more extensive error checking to be sure you have the correct record.
  • 考虑到你们在这一业务范围的丰富经验,我们很高兴指定你们为我们的代理。
    In consideration of your extensive experience in the field, we are glad to appoint you as our agent.
  • 除非您使用代表性数据和错误插入对环境进行大量负载测试,否则仍可能出现此类问题。
    Unless you have an extensive load test environment with representative data and error insertion, it is possible for such problems to occur.
  • 事实上,思想的饥饿可以通过广泛的阅读来满足。
    Hunger of the mind can be actually satiated through extensive reading.
  • 访问模式和权限提供了广泛的控制,限制了谁可以在文件和目录上做什么。
    The access modes and permissions provide extensive control over who can do what with files and directories.
  • 这门学科的文献极为丰富。
    The subject boasts of an extensive literature.
  • 平台之间还存在更广泛的差异。
    There are also more extensive differences between platforms.
  • 它包含了一套广泛的单元测试源代码,开发者可以修改函数库源代码并使用单元测试验证其功能
    It includes an extensive set of unit tests with the source code. Developers can modify the library and use the test to verify its functionality.
  • 广泛的集成能力允许业务过程的自动化,可以为业务和 IT 部门带来利益。
    An extensive integration capability allows for the automation of business processes, and provides benefits for business and IT departments.
  • 在这一点上,RUP 通过展示用例和架构稳定性的优先化技术来提供广泛的指导。
    On this point, RUP offers extensive guidance by showing you the prioritization technique of use cases and architecture stabilization.
  • 不要试图让现实屈从于广泛的分析和丰富的文档,因为现实是通过试验得来的。
    No attempt is made to subdue reality by extensive analysis and copious documentation. Reality is invited in via experiments.
  • 在大量分析的基础上,他们又采用一套特殊的处理方法解决了这个问题。
    On the basis of extensive analyses they solved this problem by adopting a set of special methods.
  • 访问期间,我将与安哥拉领导人就双边关系和其他共同关心的问题广泛交换意见。
    During the visit, he will exchange extensive views with the Angolan leaders on bilateral relations and other issues of common interest.
  • 李:对,他们是得这样做,但这需要广泛地接触英语环境。
    Li: Yes, they have to do so, but that requires extensive exposure to the English environment.
  • 为公众地开放地下走廊将与广泛的斗兽场恢复的目标相一致,办公室的官员说。
    Opening the underground corridor for the public will coincide with an extensive restoration of the Colosseum, the office said.
  • 由于团队利用大量的自动化功能,因此压力/负载测试、内存泄漏分析、数据完整性测试,和回归测试都将执行。
    Stress/load testing, memory leak analysis, data integrity testing, and regression testing were all performed due to the extensive automation capabilities exploited by the team.
  • 这要求将员工数年增加一倍以支持两个流程,或者对相同员工进行更广泛的培训以同时支持两个流程。
    This requires either doubling the amount of employees to support the two processes or more extensive training for the same employees to support both.
  • 对这些文档的广泛分析是成功的唯一保证。
    An extensive analysis of these documents is the only guarantee for success.
  • 因此,一种理想的生物能植物应能生产大量的地上部生物量燃料并有丰富的根系。
    Therefore, an ideal bioenergy plant would produce lots of aboveground biomass for fuel as well as have an extensive root system.
  • 没有人能够用正当的理由和行为命名大自然的馈赠,他们都在向我们挥手,对我们微笑,向我们张开她广阔温暖的双臂久久得拥抱着我们。
    Endowments of nature no one can give titles to with the warrant deeds are all waving us, smiling at us, opening her extensive warm arms to us and embracing us long and long.
  • 这本小说在美国读者中赢得广泛的声望。
    The story had an extensive popularity among American readers.
  • 我们不在 CCH 上执行广泛的回归测试,但是同一个补丁将合并到下一个我们执行该水平测试的维护发行版。
    We do not perform extensive regression testing on the CCH, but the same fix is merged into the next maintenance release where we do perform that level of testing.