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n. [物] 能量;精力;活力;精神
energy - 能量,精力,活力
activation energy - 活化能,活化能,激活能
Energy efficiency - 能量转换效率,能源效率,能量效率
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活力 / 脑力 / 体力 / 能源
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精力; 活力; 精神
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  • 做一件事,尽你所有的精力集中去做,并以正确的方式来做。
    Do one thing, with all your focus and energy, and do it right.
  • 而且最重要的是,我在这段时间内依旧精力旺盛。
    And best of all, I still have energy during this time.
  • 但是这些发现并不适用于通过锻炼而燃烧的能量。
    But the findings do not apply to energy burnt up by exercise.
  • 虽然你能以最高比率给它们充电,但剩余的能量则作为热量跑出来了。
    You can charge them at maximum rate and the rest of the energy goes out as heat.
  • 这项工作真消耗我的精力!
    The work drained my energy!
  • 那么这会是我们的最低能量。
    So this would be our lowest energy.
  • “我们的想法是,先到最远的地方去,趁我们还有精力的时候,”他这样答到。
    “Our thinking is, Go to the farthest places first, while we still have the energy, ” he said.
  • 问题的关键是我们将时间花费在什么上面,和我们怎样消耗我们的精力。
    The key is what we are spending our time on, and how we are expending our energy.
  • 为什么投入时间和精力去思考我们都讨厌的事情?
    Why invest time and energy in something that we all hate?
  • 我没有精力做了。
    I have no energy.
  • 他逐渐消磨掉了他的时间和精力。
    He has dribbled away his time and energy.
  • 好好管理你的时间和精力把。
    Manage your time and energy well.
  • 我没有精力!
    But I have no energy!
  • 他们只会浪费你的时间和精力。
    They will only waste your time and energy.
  • 这位青年作家耗费精力,似乎从未听说过休息。
    The young author burned energy as if he never heard of resting.
  • 似乎我和周围的能量就是合在一起的个体,那种感觉真的很美。
    I felt at one with all the energy that was, and it was beautiful there.
  • 没有人有这样多的时间和精力。
    No one has the time and energy for that.
  • 所有的微观的可能的状态,也就是,如果我以一个单独的粒子为例,我说它可能在哪,所有那些状态都有相同的能量。
    All the microscopic available states, that is, if I take an individual particle and I say where it can be, all those states have the same energy.
  • 没有时间和没有精力。
    No time and no energy.
  • 在我们周围总是有能量在做功, 不管我们是否察觉到它。
    There is energy working around us all the time whether we are aware of it or not.
  • 它具有摩天大楼,和所有这些隐藏的能量。
    You had skyscrapers and you had all of this hidden energy.
  • —相反的,用你的时间和精力去解决问题。
    Instead, use your time and energy to do something about it.
  • 而最重要的是,我在这段时间中依然精力充沛。
    And best of all, I still have energy during this time.
  • 如果你还有精力,不妨去购物。
    If you have the energy, go food shopping.