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vt. 忍耐;容忍
vi. 忍耐;持续
endure - 忍受,忍耐,容忍
tolerate endure - 忍受,忍耐
Sapphire ENDURE - 蓝宝石氟素持久润滑脂,蓝宝石持久润滑脂
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忍耐, 忍受; 容忍; 忍耐, 忍受; 持久, 持续
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  • 让我能坚持,忍受世间所有的苦痛。
    Let I can insist, endure all suffering.
  • 干这行当吃不得苦可不行。
    People of this profession have to endure a lot of hardships.
  • 有哪一个国王比得上伟大西泽的英雄气概呢?但加图仍不能忍受西泽的统治。
    What king can we compare in greatness and heroism to the Caesar whose rule Cato would not endure?
  • 我只能忍受绝望,生活在这个世界上。
    I can only endure despair, living in this world.
  • 这时候,我的心里像有个东西突然绷断了——我再也忍受不了啦。
    Then something seemed to snap in me. I couldn't endure any more.
  • 她经不住这样的熬煎,过早地离开了人世。
    Unable to endure such torments, she came to an untimely end.
  • 我们没有水无法在沙漠中坚持长久。
    We can't endure much longer in this desert without water.
  • 如无援助到来,那我们必须坚持到底。
    If help does not come, we must endure to the end.
  • 你们会忍耐,但你们没有勇气。
    You endure but you have no courage.
  • 这种纸巾搁不住揉搓。
    This kind of tissue cannot endure rubbing.
  • 你只能猜测他们忍受着多大的精神痛苦。
    You can only guess at what mental suffering they endure
  • 我不能再忍受他那傲慢无礼的行为了。
    I could not endure the insolence of his behaviour.
  • 她的脚可以承载湖南众多伟人的希望与期冀。
    Her legs can endure all of the great people's hopes and aspirations.
  • 正如编辑在附言中提醒读者的那样,她在本书出版前还要再经历两次精神疾病发作的折磨。
    As the editor's postscript reminds the reader, she was to endure two more spells of mental illness before the book was published
  • 其实我挨两下也可以的。
    In fact me to endure two also able to.
  • 他不得不忍受这次事故的后果。
    He had to endure the aftermath of the accident.
  • 我不能容忍在工作中打搅我。
    I cannot endure be disturbed in my work.
  • 现在不是安逸和享乐的时刻,现在是奋斗和忍耐的时刻。
    This is no time for ease and comfort, it is the time to dare and endure.
  • 人家能吃苦,我就不能?
    If other people can endure hardship, why can't I?
  • 巴勒斯坦的忍耐和持续的忍耐。
    What the Palestinians have endured and continue to endure.
  • 那种语言以某种方式保存下来,并继续存在下去。
    Somehow the language endures and continues to survive.
  • 你能承受任何苦难。
    You can endure any hardship.
  • 为了心中的梦想,我不得不忍痛放弃你对我的爱!
    For heart's in dream, I can not but endure suffering give up you to my love!
  • 他会被迫忍受什么样的侮辱呢?
    What sort of indignities would he be forced to endure?
  • 如果我离开了你能忍受贫穷吗?
    Could you endure poverty if I went away?
  • 那家公司遭受了严重亏损。
    The company endured heavy financial losses.
  • 它们作为美国音乐剧舞台上的杰作流芳于世。
    They endure as masterworks of American musical theatre.
  • 他非常想家,简直有些受不了这种苦恼。
    He was so homesick that he could hardly endure the misery of it.