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n. 宿舍(等于dormitory)
n. (Dorm)人名;(瑞典)多尔姆
dorm - 睡眠,宿舍,鬼宿舍
dorm food - 食堂的饭菜,食堂的伙食
dorm building - 宿舍楼
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宿舍 / 宿舍楼
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  • 我们把宿舍打扫一下吧,太乱了。
    Let's clean up the dorm. It's a mess.
  • 公司为员工提供免费的宿舍和工作餐。
    The company offers free dorm and working meals to its employees.
  • 当我把它们卖了的时候,我还告诉买家这些都是我快乐的宿舍生活的象征。
    When I sold them, I told the buyers they were symbols of my happy dorm life.
  • 今天,我的宿舍发生了火警。
    Today, there was a fire alarm in my dorm.
  • 可能你将电子词典忘在宿舍里了。
    Perhaps you left your e-dictionary in the dorm.
  • 呃,假如宿舍的伙食跟我记忆中的一样糟了话。
    Well, if dorm food is as bad as I can remember.
  • 它有基本房间和宿舍(或四人间)。
    It has basic rooms and a dorm ( or four-bed room).
  • 比如,在我们宿舍就有一个“小偷”和我们一起住。
    In our dorm, of instance, there is a thief who lived with us.
  • 弟弟帮着他进了厕所后,就回宿舍躺下了。
    His younger brother accompanied him into the toilet and then went back the dorm to wait.
  • 我昨天到学校和宿舍注册了。
    I registered for school and for my dorm yesterday.
  • 当我在学校的时候我更多的时间是在宿舍。
    When I am in school I spend more time at dorm.
  • 如果你帮我离开这儿我就分你一半!
    And I'll give you half if you help me get out of this dorm!
  • 结果呢我灰溜溜的回到宿舍。玩了一晚上的“重返德军总部”。
    Instead I ended up backat the dorm room playing "wolfenstein" on my computer all night long.
  • 真希望宿舍里能有个厨房。
    I really wish I had a kitchen in my dorm.
  • 我和室友们的情谊为宿舍生活增添了乐趣。
    My friendship with roommates added spice to dorm life.
  • 他回宿舍看书了。
    He returned to the dorm to read.
  • 他们回宿舍了,很显然钱还在那里。
    They're going back in the dorm. obviously, the money's still there.
  • 回到宿舍,冲了凉以后,我坐下来冷静地思考了一下这个问题。
    After coming back to my dorm and taking a shower, I came down to reflect on the issue.
  • 但是我在宿舍没有东西可吃,所以我只能去餐厅了。
    But I had no food in my dorm, so I had to go to canteen.
  • 我的宿舍中的新生保守了我的秘密。
    The freshmen in my dorm kept my secret.
  • Sam宿舍房间有内建的一张书桌、一张桌子和一个壁橱。
    Sam's dorm room has a built-in desk, table and closet.
  • 我将在寝室等你。
    I'll wait for you in the dorm.
  • 她宿舍的室友也都挂上了帘子。
    So did all the other roommates in her dorm.
  • 很高兴终于这个宿舍有人能跟我一起出去耍了。
    I'm so happy to finally have someone to go clubbing with in this dorm.
  • 有人闯入薇薇安的宿舍房间,偷走了她的笔电。
    Someone broke into Vivian's dorm room and stole her laptop.
  • 有时我会在宿舍的厨房烤上一下午。
    Sometimes I would bake all afternoon in the kitchen in the dorm.
  • 昨天我碰巧在宿舍遇见了他。
    I caught him at the dorm yesterday.
  • “你住哪个宿舍?”另一个女孩问到。
    "Which dorm are you living in?" another girl inquired.
  • 我说了咱们回宿舍去!
    And I say we're going back in the dorm!
  • 明天是星期天。我要好好整理一下儿我的宿舍。
    Tomorrow is sunday. I will clean my dorm thoroughly.