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n. 决定,决心;决议
Decision - 决定,决心,决策
decision analysis - 决策分析,策分析,决定分析
investment decision - 投资决策,投资决定计划,投资决议计划
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决定, 决断力, 决心
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  • 总统说他还没有下定决心是否竞选连任。
    The president said he'd made no firm decision on whether he would run for a second term in office
  • 她告诉了部长们她准备辞职的决定。
    She told ministers of her decision to resign
  • 她作了一个非常明智的决定。
    She had made a very wise decision
  • 在那点上我的决定确实错了。
    I really made the wrong decision there
  • 我们希望你重新考虑辞去董事会职务的决定。
    We want you to reconsider your decision to resign from the board
  • 你家里谁管钱?
    Who makes the financial decisions in your household?
  • 作出决定的时刻由不得耽搁。
    The moment of decision cannot be delayed
  • 董事会成员一致批准了该项决定。
    The Board of Directors has approved the decision unanimously.
  • 这可能影响了银行经理不向你提供贷款的决定。
    This may have influenced your bank manager's decision not to give you a loan.
  • 我一作出最后的决定就感到轻松多了。
    As soon as I had made the final decision, I felt a lot more relaxed
  • 史蒂夫好像默认了这个决定。
    Steve seemed to acquiesce in the decision
  • 我尊敬总统,但我反对他的这个决定。
    I respect the president but I disagree with his decision
  • 该国最高法院已推翻了下级法院的判决。
    The nation's highest court reversed the lower court's decision
  • 我不认为这对作出决定有丝毫帮助。
    I don't know that it's made the decision any easier.
  • 我不得不同意你的决定。
    I cannot but agree to your decision.
  • 但那时我已作了决定,并坚定不移。
    But I made my decision then and stuck by it.
  • 这个决定反映了广大人民的根本利益。
    This decision represents the fundamental interests of the people.
  • 1991年,上诉法院驳回了这一判决。
    In 1991, the Court of Appeal overruled this decision
  • 决定已经作出了,我必须要遵守。
    The decision has been made and I have got to stand by it
  • 这件事需要个人自己决定。
    This was a matter for decision by the individual.
  • 他是一个遇事非常果断、行动极为迅速的人。
    He is very much a man of decision and action.
  • 没有调查研究就作出决定是不妥的。
    It's not right to make a decision without investigation and study.
  • 我不想作出错误的决定,其后再来后悔。
    I don't want to make the wrong decision and regret it later
  • 他们的决定是全体一致通过的。
    Their decision was unanimous.
  • 这是个困难的决定,但是我们认为我们做出了正确的选择。
    It was a very tough decision but we feel we made the right one
  • 一旦决议达成,他就可以在这张纸上签署日期和姓名了。
    Once the decision is reached, he can date and sign the sheet
  • 这使我更加坚定了不做修女的决心。
    It has confirmed me in my decision not to become a nun.
  • 已作出对马歇尔进行处罚的决定。
    A decision was taken to discipline Marshall
  • 你这个决定是不明智的。
    It was unwise of you to make that decision.
  • 他说他们将对该决议提出申诉。
    He said they would appeal against the decision