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n. 批评家,评论家;爱挑剔的人
critic - 评论家,批评家,爱挑剔的人
film critic - 影评家,影评人,电影评论家
theater critic - 剧评家,评论家
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评论家 / 批评者
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批评家, 鉴定家
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  • 那么谁是这个银行问题的评论家?
    So who was this thundering bank critic?
  • 我确实有鲜明的政治观点,但是观点值几个钱,谁都能当布什政府的批评者。
    I do have strong political views, but opinions are cheap. Anyone could be a critic of the Bush administration.
  • “我认为,在文学,音乐,戏剧领域中批评家这一行当,是所有营生中最低级堕落的,完全没有一点真正的价值,”吐温写道。
    “I believe that the trade of critic, in literature, music, and the drama, is the most degraded of all trades, and that it has no real value, ” Twain writes.
  • 这种沉默让这位写剧本的作家朋友很是困扰,他非让评论家就剧本说些什么。
    This silence troubled the writer. He demanded that his friend the critic say something about the play.
  • 最好的评论家是每个人自己。
    Every man is his own best critic.
  • 但依次推理的评论家可以理所当然地提出伊便尼派是被主流基督教作为异端所拒绝的这个事实。
    But a critic of this line of reasoning can rightly raise the fact that the Ebionites were rejected as heretics by mainstream Christianity.
  • 更糟糕的是,塔楼超出比例范围之外,完全不好看—正如一个评论家所说的,“世界历史上最大型的铝墙板作业”。
    Worse still, the towers were out of scale and utterly unattractive — “the largest aluminum siding job in the history of the world,” as one critic put it.
  • 但他同时又说:“不要因为那些批评家所说的而感到压力。
    But he also said, "Do not be weighed down by what the critic says.
  • 它批评了评论家并删去了他的评论。
    It criticized the critic and crossed out his criticism.
  • 1992年我在泰特美术馆举办展览的时候,几乎每个评论家都讨厌它。
    When I showed at the Tate in 1992 almost every critic hated it.
  • 但还有许多工作有待完成 - 例如,还没有人能够弄明白评论家细胞实际上是如何工作的- 但这是令人兴奋,有前途的工作。
    Much more work remains to be done — for instance, no one has yet figured out how the critic cells actually work — but it’s exciting, promising work.
  • 他曾经利用他的声望回归到一个评论家的身份。
    He once took advantage of his popularity to get back at a critic.
  • 那么,重点是,如果你是个诚实的批评家,那么,那种发生在芬克尔斯坦身上的事也会发生在你身上——我们还有许多像他这样的例子。
    Well, the point is, what happened to Finkelstein is the kind of thing that can happen when you're an honest critic—and we could go on and on with other cases like that.
  • 虽然很多人知道他是餐厅评论家,但实际上,他写的电视评论更多。
    He's well-known as a restaurant critic, but he actually writes more about television.
  • 他也是批评家和理论家,我发现的是他的批评作品。
    He was critic and theorist. What I discovered was his critical writings.
  • 他认为如果他能找出评论家细胞并修改它们,就可以人为地改变“行为”细胞团从而改变对象的行为。
    He figured if he could identify the critic cells and modify them, he could artificially nag the actor cell cluster into changing its behavior.
  • 其中一半被试阅读的评价由专业美食评论家给出,另一半则由业余的美食家给出。
    Half the subjects read a write-up by a professional food critic, and the other half, one by an amateur.
  • 做自己的评论家 。 通常孩子们不太在意自己或别人,除非朋友们有他们想要的东西。
    Acts as His Own Critic : In general kids are not too worried about themselves or others, unless their friend has something they want.
  • 这很有可能就是,一位哲学家像这样通过墓碑说教的方式,但再者这可能是一位文化界的批评家。
    It could be in this mode that a philosopher is moralizing over the grave or it could be a cultural critic.
  • 批评家的批评反被别人用来批评他。
    The critic’s criticism was turned against himself.
  • 2007年首批基贝亚之游开始时,一位评论家这样写道,“也许你会说,这对商业有好处,也许的确如此;但这里散发出一股恶臭。”
    "You might argue that it is good for business and that might be truly so, but it smells, " wrote one critic when one of the first tours began in 2007.