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n. 蝴蝶;蝶泳;举止轻浮的人;追求享乐的人
Butterfly - 蝴蝶,花蝴蝶,蝶泳
The Butterfly - 蝴蝶,蝴蝶 (2002年电影),蝶泳
Madama Butterfly - 蝴蝶夫人,胡蝶太太,蝴蝶夫人专辑
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蝴蝶 / 花枝招展的人
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  • 蝴蝶,我想你了,你可以为我飞回来吗?
    Butterfly, I think you, you can fly back for me?
  • 常用的蝶阀有对夹式蝶阀和法兰式蝶阀两种。
    Butterfly valves are commonly used for clip-on butterfly valve and two Flanged butterfly valve.
  • 我知道了,你说的是枯叶蝶吧。
    I know you mean the leaf butterfly.
  • 不得将蝴蝶和飞蛾混同起来。
    A butterfly must not be confused with a moth.
  • 一场考试,甚至是一次令人兴奋的社会活动,都有可能让人心里发慌。
    An exam, or even an exciting social event may produce butterflies in the stomach.
  • 我认识蝴蝶。
    I know the Butterfly.
  • 雄蝴蝶的鲜艳颜色有助于吸引雌蝴蝶,而雌蝴蝶的较暗淡的颜色可使它们在产卵之前不易被“敌人”捕获。
    The gay colours of the male butterfly help to attract the female and the duller colours of the female make them less likely to be caught by enemies before they have laid their eggs.
  • 这是一只非常美丽的蝴蝶,翼展2英寸。
    It is a very pretty butterfly, with a 2 inch wing span
  • 我看到了一只蝴蝶,你呢?
    I see a butterfly, and you?
  • 我设计了一个黑白分明的蝴蝶图案,交给了威迪安夫人。
    I drew a bold black and white butterfly pattern and took it to Mrs. Vidian.
  • 毛虫变成了蝴蝶。
    A caterpillar changed into a butterfly.
  • 这是蝴蝶,这是彩虹,这是宫殿。
    Butterfly, rainbow and this is a palace.
  • 蝴蝶的眼睛很奇妙。
    The butterfly's eye is rather curious.
  • 我喜欢蝴蝶兰,喜欢蝴蝶兰的顽强和无私奉献的精神。
    I like the butterfly orchid, Phalaenopsis like tenacious and selfless dedication.
  • 幼虫变为蛹,然后再变成蝴蝶。
    A larva metamorphose into a chrysalis and then into a butterfly.
  • 那家博物馆里有一些蝴蝶标本。
    There are some butterfly specimens in the museum.
  • 她戴着一副蝶形眼镜,顶着一头蜂窝式发型。
    She wore butterfly glasses and had a beehive hairdo.
  • 我会和这小蝴蝶一样找寻快乐。
    I'll make my joy like this small butterfly.
  • 你认为蝴蝶是一种昆虫吗?
    Do you think butterfly is a type of insect?
  • 我看见一只蝴蝶。
    I see a butterfly.
  • 玛丽想捉住那只蝴蝶,它却飞走了。
    Mary tried to catch the butterfly, but it got away from her.
  • 不久,日本官员和蝴蝶的亲戚也来了。
    Soon some officials and Butterfly's relations arrive.
  • 毛虫是蝴蝶的幼体。
    A caterpillar is the larva of a butterfly.
  • 中国古代书籍的装帧形式主要有简策、卷轴装、经折装、梵夹装、蝴蝶装、包背装、线装等。
    Binding styles of Chinese ancient books mainly include bamboo or wooden slips, scroll, concertina binding, chinese path binding, butterfly binding, back-wrapped binding, thread binding and others.
  • 这只蝴蝶真漂亮!
    This butterfly is beautiful!
  • 蝶式游泳是一种水上运动。
    The butterfly is a kind of water sport.
  • 哇!他能教我蝶泳和仰泳吗?
    Wow! Can he teach me the butterfly and the backstroke?
  • 她是一个轻浮的人。
    She is a butterfly.
  • 蜜蜂和蝴蝶正飞向田野。
    The bee and the butterfly are flying to the field.
  • 这样做会让你错过这个天然的和必要的蝴蝶的一部分。
    Doing this will cause you to miss this natural and necessary part of butterfly.