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n. 仙女,小精灵;漂亮姑娘
adj. 仙女的
fairy - 小仙子,仙女,妖精
tooth fairy - 牙仙,牙仙,牙仙子
Fairy chess - 仙灵棋谜,奇异象棋,规则
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仙女, 精灵
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  • 坏仙女的诅咒解除了。
    The bad fairy's curse was over.
  • 在梦中,他变成了一个小精灵。
    In his dream, he became a fairy.
  • 仙女对小木偶说了些话。
    The fairy talked to Pinocchio.
  • 仙女来了,又带来了四样礼物,独缺死亡。
    The fairy came with four kinds of present.
  • 光的另外一个闪光和仙女走了。
    Another flash of light and the fairy was gone.
  • 如果你喜欢的童话故事和异想天开的恋情,这是为您提供完美的电影。
    If you love fairy tales and whimsical romances, this is the perfect movie for you.
  • 她就像童话里的公主。
    She was like a princess in a fairy tale.
  • 在书柜中有一些神话故事书和我最喜爱的书。
    There are some fairy tale books and my favorite books in the book cabinet.
  • 仙女要去上厕所了。
    The fairy's going to the bathroom.
  • 请用英语复述这篇童话故事。
    Please retell the fairy story in English.
  • 这个故事很离奇,类乎神话。
    This fantastic story sounds like a fairy tale.
  • 那你相信神话和传说吗?
    Do you believe in fairy tales and legends?
  • 这个想象力丰富的孩子自己编神话故事。
    The imaginative child made up fairy stories.
  • 神仙故事都是幻想的。
    Fairy tales are imaginative.
  • 这是一个童话故事。
    This is a fairy tale.
  • 有人能讲童话故事吗?
    Is there anybody who can tell a fairy tale?
  • 神仙教母的魔法使灰姑娘的破烂衣衫变成了一件漂亮的长外衣。
    The fairy godmother's magic charm turned cinderella's rags into a beautiful gown.
  • 圣诞树顶上的仙子
    the fairy on top of the Christmas tree
  • 在神话故事中,最小的儿子通常总是勇敢地出发寻求幸福。
    In the fairy stories, the youngest son usually ventures forth to try to find his fortune.
  • 两个安徒生童话故事和中国有关。
    Two of Andersen's fairy tales are related to China.
  • 我想我前世是个仙女。
    I think I was a fairy my previous life.
  • 这个童话及其他类似的故事超越了文化和语言的界限。
    This fairy tale and other such stories transcend culture and language.
  • 然后,好心的仙女消失了。
    Then the good fairy vanished.
  • 我还活在童话中。
    I was living a fairy tale.
  • 童话故事不仅仅是写给孩子们的。
    Fairy tales weren't just meant for children
  • 被我视为贵人的女子叫西比尔。她待我好极了。
    The woman I regarded as my fairy godmother was Sybil. She was wonderful to me.
  • 仙王和仙后争着要占有这个英俊的孩子。
    The fairy king and queen were contending over possession of the beautiful boy.
  • 精灵找到了一条通向上帝花园的路。
    Fairy find a way to God's garden.
  • 孩子们缠住了母亲,想听一则童话。
    The children hung about their mother, hoping to hear a fairy tale.
  • 我的女孩和男孩都喜欢听姑娘和白雪公主的童话。
    My girls and boys like to hear fairy tales like Cinderella and snow white.