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universal type
普及型 - universal type,PMF-VI,Universality type
普及型高清 - Affordable HD
普及型产品 - popular product
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Universal Type
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  • 普及型生产车间物料输送自动化系统研究
    Study on Automation System of Material Transport in Ordinary Workshops
  • 生产出可再生新能源低成本普及型的汽车。
    Production of new renewable energy-based low-cost, universal access to cars.
  • 鉴此,提出了高性能、低成本的普及型电子秤的全电子线路设计方案。
    The scheme of the portable digital balance with high performance and low cost is put forward.
  • 《汉土词典》是一部普及型、内向型的双语词典。
    The Chinese-Turkmen dictionary is a popular and indrawn edition.
  • 该方案可根据需要监测的普及型数控机床的数量部署分布式服务器的规模,具有安全稳定、可扩展性强、经济实用的特点。
    In the program the size of the distributed servers to be deployed change according to the number of CNC machine tools needed to monitor.
  • 普及型欧式木窗应用中空玻璃的性能分析
    A Performance Analysis of Vacuum Glass Application in Widespread Use of European Type of Wooden Window
  • 在对江垭水库大坝物探勘查工作中,除运用了自然电场法等常规查漏方法外,还采用了流场法DB-3普及型堤坝渗漏检测仪进行勘查。
    Except the method of nature electric field, we used DB-3 popular dam seepage detection device of flow field method to reconnoiter around Jiangya dam site.
  • 从多方面论证了我国目前发展经济型数控机床的广阔前景,提出了目前国内发展机床的趋势是:跟踪高精度、发展普及型,扩大经济型。
    This paper expounds the broad prospect to currently develop economical digital control lathe in our country from many aspects, and puts forward the tendency of developing domestic lathe at present to follow high precision, develop universal type and enlarge economical type.
  • 这种显微镜与微机组合,构成普及型显微图象处理系统的硬件基础。
    Combination PC with the instrument becomes basic hardware of a universal microscopic image processing system.
  • 由Apple计算机公司制造的各种普及型微型计算机。
    A range of popular microcomputers manufactured by Apple Computers.
  • 普及型剑杆织机的微机控制系统
    The microcomputer control system of popular rapier loom
  • 我打算找一些朋友和一些公司合作开发生产先进的可再生新能源低成本普及型的汽车。
    I intend to find some friends and some companies to develop the production of new renewable energy-based low-cost, universal access to cars.
  • 知识分子可以以文化普及型角色、专业服务型角色、理性批判型角色进行其电视化生存,当然,这需要有社会的理解以及相关制度的支持。
    Intellectuals can role as cultural popularization type character, professional service type character, rational critical type character for their TV survival. of course, it need for the understanding of the society and institutional support.
  • 医用超声雾化器常用于呼吸道疾病的治疗之中,属于普及型的医疗器械。
    Cure to use super a fog turn the machine in common use in breath a paroxysm treatment, belong to the medical treatment apparatus of the universal type.
  • 高分辨率的图像测试系统价格昂贵,介绍一种使用普及型多媒体视频采集板的位移测试实验系统。
    An experimental system of displacement measuring is based on general video image capturing board.
  • SGA731普及型剑杆织机升压起动的实验和研究
    The experiment and Research on delta-star starting of popular type rapier looms
  • 普及型轿车作为我国轿车工业发展方向的分析
    An Analysis of the Development Orientation of Our Automobile Industry in Light of the Manufacture of Popular Type Cars
  • 发展学生的数学能力是数学分析的重要目标之一,怎样才算是恰当地发展学生的数学能力,这与当今普及型的大众化教育目标密切相关。
    To develop the students 'ability in mathematics is one of the main points in our teaching process, which can be appraised according to the aim for the popularity of education in our country at present.
  • 一个普及型的二维CAD/CAM集成系统
    A popularized 2 d CAD/ CAM integrated system
  • 普及型数字减影血管造影系统
    A Popular Type of Digital Subtract Angiograph System
  • 要构建一个低成本、高质量的普及型家庭网关,网关设备必须具备协议一致、升级方便、操作简便、高稳定性等特点。
    It is noted that a low-cost high-quality common type residential gateway should have the characteristics of easy upgrade and operation, high stability, and adopting open protocols.
  • Kindle Fire和Nook平板立足简单务实,主打“刚刚好”和普及型平板的理念,因此立刻实现了更好的价值定位。
    Looking at the kindle fire, and even the nook tablet, through the simplified, more pragmatic prism of being "good enough" and affordable, they instantly become better value propositions.
  • 介绍了现有建筑用窗存在的问题,阐述了普及型欧式木窗的实用性和应用的可行性。
    This paper introduces the problems of window now used, and the feasibility of the popularized wooden window with Europe style.
  • 普及型舞蹈教育与中小学舞蹈教育的普及
    On Universal Education of Dancing and Popularization of Dancing Education in Schools
  • 目的对传统普及型宫内避孕器(IUD)副效应与社会学方面年龄、文化、劳动体位等关连性进行回顾性分析研究,以期在临床实践中借鉴。
    Objective To study retrospectively the relationship between the adverse effects induced by placing conventional intrauterine device ( IUD) and some sociological factors ( age, educational level, body position during working).
  • 目的开发普及型电子药历软件,促进合理用药。
    OBJECTIVE To develop a popular electronic medication record software and promote rational administration.
  • 为使就业与社会保障相关关系更加清晰,创造性地提出了普及型社会保障和就业型社会保障的新概念,对两者的特征、资金来源和支出及两者与就业的关系进行了对比分析。
    In order to make their relationship more clear, the author comes up with two original concepts, that is general-typed social security and employment-dominant social security, and separately defines and analyzes their characteristics, financial sources and expenditure and makes a comparison between them and employment.
  • 可以查询常用的药物作用、剂量及副作用,种类较少,属于普及型非专业药物手册。
    Can the search in common use medicine function, quantity and side effect, category less, belong to universality type not profession medicine manual.
  • SCF型高速挤出淋膜复合机组,是我厂淋膜机的普及型机型。
    Model of SCF high-speed extruding film compound machinery unit, which is popular model of film machinery from our factory.