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富足 - rich,Affluence,plentiful
富足的 - affluent,plentiful,liberal
天生富足 - Born Rich
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(Trad=富足, Pinyin=fu4 zu2) affluence
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  • 这意味着富足、健康的人是贫穷、多病的人生活的两次。
    This means a rich, healthy man can live twice as long as a poor, sick man.
  • 我们只是在静静享受我们的富足,一位心满意足的消费者如是说。
    We are just quietly enjoying our affluence, says one satisfied customer.
  • 生活的富足仅仅意味着增加你社交关系的范围和强度。
    To live abundantly means simply to increase the range and intensity of our relations.
  • 不仅它们的人民更自由,它们的经济也更富足
    Not only were their people freer; they were more prosperous.
  • 斯特兰德街是伦敦最繁华、最富足的街道之一。
    The Strand is one of London's busiest and most affluent streets
  • 我们相信自己会幸福、繁荣和真正的富足,仅靠着从事自己喜欢的事业。
    We believe we can be happy, even prosperous and downright wealthy, doing what we love.
  • 我所拥有的富足来自于大自然,它是我灵感的来源。
    The richness I achieve comes from Nature, the source of my inspiration.
  • 更好的教育能造就更富足的社会,最终会带来全球经济更快的增长和更高的公司利润。
    Better education would yield more affluent societies and, eventually, faster global economic growth and bigger corporate profits.
  • 你们都很幸运,成长在和平富足的时代。
    You are all fortunate to be growing up in a time of peace and plenty.
  • 富足人的财物是他的坚城,在他心里,犹如高墙。
    The rich man's wealth is his city, and as an high wall in his own conceit.
  • 对他们来说,富足是以减少在工作场所的自由为代价才获得的。
    For them, affluence was bought at the price of less freedom in their work environment.
  • 长久以来,人们一直认为柑橘果象征着爱、幸福、神圣和富足
    Throughout the ages people have considered citrus fruit to symbolized love, happiness, holiness and fruitfulness.
  • 因为你知识的富足,你可以在任何领域中成功。
    Because of your wealth of knowledge, you can succeed in any number of fields.
  • 金钱也许是使你富足,而朋友使你富贵。
    Money might make you wealthy, but friends make you rich.
  • 一个富足和生活质素优良的社会;
    -an affluent society with improved quality of life for all;
  • 你会发现新的能量源泉,给你的日常生活带来富足和成功。
    You will find new resources of energy to bring prosperity and success in your daily life.
  • 我是不是需要身处十分富足和多样化的环境?
    Do I need to be in affluent surroundings?
  • 他以为我富足地携带着一天的利润。
    He thinks I am rich with the day's profit.
  • 人们认为这对任何在这天结婚的夫妻来说都是个预示富足的祥兆。
    This is considered a good economic sign for any couples getting married on this day.
  • 这不禁让我们疑问,在这种“富足”的生活方式之下,到底是什么使我们变得不开心了?
    So what is it about our rich way of life that makes us unhappy?
  • 我仍是单身,而我父母亦很健康和富足
    I'm still single, and my parents are quite well off.
  • 但通常他们的孩子成功地过上了富足得多的生活。
    But often their children managed to have more prosperous lives.
  • 这项发明使他富足并且提高了他的声誉。
    The invention enriched him and enhanced his reputation.
  • 一个伟大的社会以全体人民的富足和自由为基石。
    The Great Society rests on abundance and liberty for all.
  • 现在,我们应可以看出这个人数众多,但是遥远的、富足而健谈的民族的弱点来了。
    Now we should see the weakness of this numberous but remote, wealthy, and talkative people.
  • 促进人们达到财务自由和享有丰盛富足的生命。
    To facilitate people to achieve financial freedom to live the abundant life.
  • 这个兵站有富足的食品供应。
    The military depot has a plentiful supply of food.
  • 苏黎世的富足最初来自于14世纪对丝绸贸易的高度垄断。
    Zurich's affluence came initially from cornering a sizeable chunk of the 14th Century silk trade.
  • 这种社会主义说到底并不能提供实现富足和人格尊严的神奇方案。
    This socialism does not after all offer a magic formula for prosperity and human dignity.
  • 事实上,我就是真实的我&宇宙的延伸和一个非常、非常富足的创造者。
    In truth, I am who I really am-an extension of god and a very, very prosperous creator.