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[计][语] syntax
句法 - syntax,sentence construction,syntactical
句法结构 - Syntactic Structures,sentence structure,syntactic construction
逻辑句法 - logical syntax,syntactics),logical syntax (
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(Trad=句法, Pinyin=ju4 fa3) sentence structure, syntax
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  • 这种句法决策使您在抽象类继承的实现方面有一定的灵活性。
    This syntactical decision gives you a degree of flexibility in the implementation of abstract-class derivatives.
  • 这个句法与先前一些板块中的例子中所使用的是一样的。
    The syntax is the same as used in examples from the previous few sections.
  • 可我根本不知道什么语法或句法,所以我回到学校去学这些东西,我这这样上路了。
    I knew nothing about grammar or syntax, so I went back to school to learn that stuff, and one thing led to another.
  • 因此,这项实验并没有证明尼姆是否已经熟练掌握了句法
    So the experiment didn't prove one way or another whether Nim had developed syntax.
  • 编译器层中包含了一些对象模型,这些模型与编译器管道的各个阶段暴露出来的信息——包括句法和语义上的信息——相关。
    The compiler layer contains the object models that correspond with information exposed at each phase of the compiler pipeline, both syntactic and semantic.
  • 非语义特征包括服务规范中的句法和操作(服务质量)特征。
    These include both the syntactic and the operational (quality of service) characteristics in a service specification.
  • 这个新句法的一个美妙之处是它在处理更新时的确定性。
    One nice feature of this syntax is that it is deterministic when it comes to updates.
  • 同样这里没什么很深奥的东西,只是说有一些句法,我只是想告诉你,你可以做的一些事情。
    Again, nothing very deep here, t his is really just syntax, just to give you an idea of the sorts of things you can do.
  • 而当使用MERGE句法时,如果存在多处匹配,它会抛出一个错误。
    When using the MERGE syntax, an error will be raised if there are multiple matches.
  • 让我们从随机漫步的神坛上下来,某种意义上说,甚至是有些荒谬的,让我们来讲讲绘图的实际句法
    So we've gone from the sublime, of what random walks are good for, to in some sense the ridiculous, the actual syntax for plotting things.
  • 当然,语法会带来一些限制;不过,对句法选项的选择的研究 属于语义学、语用论和术语范畴。
    Grammars provide some constraints here, of course; but the study of selection among syntactic options falls within the fields of semantics, pragmatics, and register.
  • 你可以使用维基句法、快捷键或者编辑器来管理和个性化你的笔记和清单。
    You can use the wiki syntax and keybindings or the editor to style and manage your notes/lists.
  • 句法》的作者是乔治•寇姆。
    The author of Syntax is George Curme.
  • 开始写《漫步者瑞德里》时,我采用简练的英语;但人物不买账,他们坚持时不时蹦出长长的词汇,用他们自己方言的语法、句法和发音。
    I started Riddley Walker in straight English but my characters wouldn't wear it, they insisted on breaking up long words and imposing their own grammar, syntax and pronunciation on their vernacular.
  • 他们会按照一定的句法规则组织单词吗?
    Do they organise words around a principle of syntax?
  • 确保标准能同时在句法和语义级别保证互操作性。
    Make sure standards guarantee interoperability both at the syntactic and semantic levels.
  • 但是也许在我们认识音乐的句法之前,我们需要先弄清这些乐句是什么
    But maybe even before we can recognize the syntax of music, we have to figure out what a phrase is.
  • 请注意简单句法
    Note the simple syntax.
  • 语法树只能够表现出源代码的词法和句法结构。
    Syntax trees only represent the lexical and syntactic structure of the source code.
  • 在这些讨论中,把句法和操作特征合称为非语义特征,因此只提到语义和非语义特征。
    In such discussions, the syntactic and operational characteristics are grouped together as non-semantic characteristics, and therefore refer only to semantic and non-semantic characteristics.
  • 你还需要一种语法来描述如何通过这些术语组成“语句”(或者模型),同时需要一种具体的句法去表示它们 3。
    You need a grammar to describe how to build "sentences" (or models) from those terms, and you need a concrete syntax to express them 3.
  • 接口的虚拟化要求 ESB 支持服务请求者和提供者定义的消息模型之间的句法转换。
    Virtualization of interface requires that the ESB support syntactic transformation between the message models defined by the service requesters and providers.